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September 11, at 1: Not his pulpit, for sure; not even his book sales. Should I write better posts?

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September 11, at 9: I make clear in the post that, in my experience, Mark had significant personality predilections that led to this abuse. The point of my post was that the two are a combustible combination.

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Again, for one man to envy another man for his accomplishments is normal. I have written thousands of words about Mark on my blog, and not one of them has been in admiration.

Tony Jones on Mark Driscoll: What came first, the thug or the theology?

To acknowledge the strength of his intellect is not to admire him, but simply to state what I observed flirt tafelservice colina he and I were in the same circles. September 11, at Hence the Ouroboros-themed cartoon.

But according to his comment, he did miss that.

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If I am wrong to read in your post that you have admired Mark, then I apologize for that. I tried to be honest about my thoughts, which a lot of people seemed to appreciate.

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And I will try to. But accusing me of admiring or envying someone who is a pariah seems not the least bit constructive. His comment above points to my hopes being unfounded. The point of my post is that I was raising a question about your implicit suggestion that his theology lead him to where he is today.

So are other bad people. I thought maybe he realized he needed time for introspection. Thanks for your comment.

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I have been chief among those calling out his bad behavior for years. I get the constructive criticism that in this one, word post, I did not fully develop the argument. Would you listen to constructive criticism for ONCE, please?

But I seemed to detect some admiration for him in your post.

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Um… that I intentionally gave an erroneous interpretation of your post is an interesting suggestion. Maybe he did them an ironic favor.

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His intelligence, for example. When I was in the same circles with Mark, he definitely intimidated me. I thought maybe he was finally taking to heart what people especially women have been trying to tell him about his apparent unwillingness to hear what others are saying.

That is not an accusation, but a question.