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Flirtaholics lyrics to happy, blumentopf - flirtaholics

Maybe you really forgave us knowin' we was confused? Flirtaholics lyrics to happy there light in this dark I'm seein'? Tom-boy running around, hanging with all the guys.

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Will this stop before I stop breathing? Sac premier flirt lancel occasionally a little tough boy with beautiful brown eyes? Jackson, I'm speakin' for real and I never meant to make your daughter cry But I guess I'm a failure with women I'm lost and I feel like I ought to die Feel like that I'm rotting away, my life is just off in the grey How much does it cost?

Maybe everytime that he smiles it's you proudly knowin' that your father's doin' the right thing now?

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Tech N9ne] I put my life in this music, Ninna is inside out I set my heart out for people, they know flirtaholics lyrics to happy the inside 'bout Will they keep feelin' Ninna forever?

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I never tell a woman what to do with her body But if she don't love children then we can't party Think about it every year, so I picked up a pen Happy birthday, love you whoever you woulda been Happy birthday You know how it begins, but how does it end for me?

Would you have played in your schoolclothes and made me mad? Think about it every year, so I picked up a pen Happy birthday, love you whoever you woulda been Happy birthday Would you have made me quit smokin' by finding one of my lighters?

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I love my kids and my fans inside I sob harder 'Cause you pay the price for my life and it's right like Bob Barker And I won't pretend that it's okay I'm no facade starter So I guess my only happy ending's in a massage parlor Yeah Tell me how it ends What about me?

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I payed for the murder before they determined the Choosing our life over your life meant your death And you never got a chance to even open your eyes Sometimes I wonder as a fetus if you faught for your life?

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I was young and strugglin' but old enough to be your dad The fear of being a father has never disappeared Pondering frequently while I'm zippin' on my beer My vision of a family was artificial and fake So when it came time to create I made a mistake Now you've got a little brother maybe he's really you?

From the heavens to the womb to the heavens again From the endin' to the endin', never got to begin Maybe one day we could meet face to face? I will pay, to lay, and be off in a coffin today I mean off in ashes, this life ain't after it clashes, If I get blasted This is Suicide Letters all over again, I thought that I passed it But I guess that I didn't, 'cause this one is written and there is no mending When I'm broke I'm a joke, when I croak I just hope that I won't be descending But this ain't a joke, I want you to know that Tech Ninna is never pretending Alone in my bed, with a gun to my head, asking, "where is my happy ending?

And from the heavens to the womb to the heavens again From the endin' to the endin', never got to begin Maybe one day we could meet face to face?

Would you have been a little rapper like your papa da Piper?

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This I doubt Can never cry for help, so if you listenin' this my Shout! Show artists that start with: Is this a life worth living?

In a place without time and space Happy birthday Firewall Block unwanted connections. Tech N9ne] I'm on the verge of insanity, but I'm competent I'm breakin' so I pick this one to vent The reason I look away when you talk to me my brain is producin' evilness I'm drownin' in and Rumple Minze That's how I feel I sit in the mirror with this gun and practice how to kill But I know damn well that the people like me really wanna know how to chill This life is about a check, about a number, about a bill Think about all the love I lost because my quest is about a mill I feel like you're stupid, don't talk to me I'm crackin' up And I don't mean laughter, I'm full of bitterness and it's backing up And I live with angels, but lately demons been shackin' up Tug of war with my spirit, see the blood I'm hacking up?

And the way you would have laughed and talked fast or slow?