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Flirtatious perfume fragrance, corporate info

So it's not icky sweet with the vanilla.

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And it's not overkill. Also the berries are subtle as well. It's sweetly purple--purple flowers, purple fruits, but with a creamy, sensual base of sandalwood flirtatious perfume fragrance vanilla.

I actually like this very much.

What Is Your Perfume Personality?

It's not really my style anymore, but I'd recommend this as a "starter" for girls just getting into perfume. So basically it's not that great but it's okay. Apr Aspendina i do think this smells like something else I have or have had, I don't get alot of vanilla from it nor is maggie lawson still dating james roday i think i smell honeysuckle not sure what i am smelling really but it is strong and last long I keep getting a whiff of it, i do think its growing on me: And what girl doesn't like that?

The green fragrances have a sharper edge than any of the other women's fragrance families, so they're perfect when you don't want something quite so stereotypically girly. Dior Midnight Poison Live the darker fairytale with this intoxicating potion of black rose, amber, and patchouli.

It has absolutely zero lasting power, even on clothing there is no sillage beyond the overpowering blast it begins with. Mar sharyssa There are no big bottles,1.

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Some water fragrances evoke an ocean breeze, others remind you of the way your skin smells after you get caught in a rainstorm.

Flirtatious fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information. Chypre fragrances are an ancient perfume family--the Greeks and Romans were probably the first to mix mossy and animalic musk scents. But yeah, the scent does get boring.

Eau Flirt Perfume for Women by Harvey Prince |

But I think it's subtle and nice enough for any age for sure. We do not provide warranties neither accept responsibility for what you might find as a result of these links, or for any future consequences including but not limited to money loss.

If your perfume personality is Floral you're an unmistakeable girly-girl--and you're not afraid to show it. Layers of notes, from orange blossom to honey, slyly unfold like voluptuous petals.

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Free-spirited and self-assured, the wearer of woody fragrances knows what she wants--and usually gets it. But if you have a Woods perfume personality then we already know you're not faint-hearted!

If your perfume personality is Oriental, you are truly one-of-a-kind: Also it's not so icky sweet that you feel like it is too young of a fragrance to wear.

Just light sweet and fun.

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A newer subclass of Orientals called gourmands seem more like a dessert than a perfume--mouthwatering caramel notes, luscious dark or white chocolate, even a stirring of cappucino.

Click on the appropriate options on the fragrance classification form below the perfume picture.

Choosing The Perfect Perfume For Your Personality | Bellatory

But if you happen to be one of the rare, exquisite femme fatales with an Oriental perfume personality, then you should totally play it up with a rich, exotic perfume.

A rich, earthy base of patchouli, musk, and oakmoss balanced precariously against a fearless top layer of guava and pear. Designer fragrance Eau Flirt was released in Eau de Toilette concentration.

Or they can be blended together with each other and with other flowery notes for a myriad of different creative combinations.

Man-Attracting Potions : Eau Flirt Perfume

Oriental perfumes are made of everything that's warm, sensual, and opulent: It is such a nice blend of berry juiciness, and vanilla. If you have more information about Eau Flirt perfume for Women by Harvey Prince, you can expand it by adding a personal fragrance review.

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Flirtatious, you can expand it by adding a personal perfume review. You're always the center of attention-and you wouldn't have it any other way.


Perfumers can warm up florals with sultry smooth hints of vanilla and moist amber. I don't wear it often because I have other scents that I prefer to wear over it but I would wear it if I didn't have anything else.

Just avoid anything that's just too heavy on the musk or anything that smells too powdery. The girl with the Fresh perfume personality is the girl who makes cool look effortless.

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Otherwise it's a somewhat tart, sweet, fruity floral. But you are also an amazing friend, deeply compassionate,and infinitely affectionate. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Cedar, sandalwood and vanilla notes, sometimes with a hint of suede, sometimes with a hint of smoke. Green fragrances are crisp and sporty.

The latest reincarnations of these classic potions are irresistibly luscious and peerlessly hot.

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Feb Add Your Review Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. What a great option!

Perfume Flirtatious Perfum Deals

When you smell your wrists at the end of an evening, it's a totally different experience than when you first sprayed it on. Jan Radchick This is a smell-alike of countless other sweet fruity florals out there. Apr peppermint I like this a lot. Maybe you even have a bit of a dangerous daredevil side.

The berries give it a zesty zingy pep as the vanilla holds it all together. Gucci by Gucci Not a fragrance for the faint-hearted.