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Marguerite Bourgeoys and Jeanne Mancealso excorted several, training them in the necessary domestic skills, and ensuring that they would be well looked after. At the time, marriages were arranged, so if the girl's family did not have the means to provide a sutable dowry, her only option was to become a nun, if she was Catholic; or marry beneath her station.

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The Filles a Marier Most of us are familiar with the story of the King's Daughters or Fille Du Roi; the state sponsored program that brought almost single women to Quebec in the early days of the French settlement, but what is not so well known is the story of the Fille a Marier.

Others were of minor noble families; cousins or sisters of men already in the colony. The Filles A Marier.

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Between andyoung ladies braved the elements to begin an uncertain future in the backwoods of Canada. Later, critics of the plan tried to say that all the girls were prostitutes taken off the streets of Paris, but this was rarely, if ever, the case.

You might wonder why these young girls many under 16would risk the dangers and hardships, which by now most of France were well aware of; but believe it or not; for many it was the best option.

So instead, they began recruiting "marriagable young girls", who would first sign a contract in France and then be given passage and a small dowry to become the wife of a Quebec settler.

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Most settled down, raised families and formed the roots of many French-Canadians. In the case of the young Filles a Marier, though a marriage contract must be signed before departure, she had every right to refuse the union, once she met her husband-to-be. Some were sponsored by their church, a company associate or merchant.

As a matter of fact, many of them did just that, and were provided safe passage home.

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Below is a list of all the women brought over under this plan. When the Company of Associates began their settlement scheme, their plan of recruiting only families proved to be too costly, so instead they signed on single men; tradesman and labourers; who would be indentured for three years.

But, since her family would never allow her, or her children, to leave their village; the company directors needed to avoid this from happening.

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