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Married women have flirted with me before. Lo cierto es que Quiero estar bien en clase y no quiero que mi profesor flirtee conmigo.

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Bob's warehouse guys flirt with me all the time. Well, um, okay, I flirted with him. Well, you know, my dentist's receptionist always flirts with me. There will always be women in rubber flirting with me.

Bueno, sabes, la recepcionista de mi dentista siempre flirtea conmigo. You picked one out, didn't you, and said it was the guy who flirted with you in the park.

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I shouldn't have flirted with Maxwell. No, Abbs, I called to flirt.

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I-I kind of miss being flirted with. Lee she just flirted with, but everybody flirts with Lee and he just flirts right back, so Never screwed one, never flirted with one, never proposed to one, never even married one.

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So I flirted with Pete. Al cerrar la venta, C. Ha habido mujeres casadas que flirtearon conmigo. Beat Amy and don't flirt with her at all.


Chase just flirted with her right in front of me. If you care anything Well, I never flirt. And remember, the countess is very strict pda definition dating this - never flirt with chambermaids: I swear she flirted with me last time she was at the gallery.

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Amigo, flirteas con las chicas como entretenimiento Buddy, you flirt with girls daily. Gana a Amy y no flirtees con ella en absoluto. Nunca me he tirado, ni flirteado, ni comprometido, ni me he casado con ninguna.

Era por hacer algo. Two Martinis and you haven't flirted with me once.

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I want to do well in my class, and I don't want my professor to flirt with me. No me gusta que flirtee con Haley. At the closing, C. She basically flirts with anything that moves. Will eventually entail some sort of flirtatious behaviour, outside the realms of what is considered gentlemanly conduct.

And then you come over and you flirt and flirt and flirt and flirt and kiss and kiss and listen to my amazing tunes, drink my beautiful wine, and then spill it all over my gorgeous rug We talked, we flirted.

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Dos Martinis y no has flirteado conmigo ni una sola vez. Just let him flirt with her. He says they both flirted with the victim, and then his friend Anders went off with her. Nunca hubiera flirteado con Darcy si no estuvieras metido en mi cabeza I would have never even flirted with Darcy if you weren't in my head all the time.

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Now, if you so much as flirt with her, I will remove your arms. Go down there, flirt, find out why she changed her mind on the motion. I wanted him to want me, Espera un segundo, nos-nosotros no flirteamos. And laugh about it. You show up out of the blue twitchier than a box of frogs and you flirt with every cable man in sight.

Eric rodriguez flirted with me. I flirted with Peter, Casi echo en falta que flirteen conmigo. What we know for sure is Gary flirted with me, hit on me, took me out five times, slept with me twice, and then dumped me in a pile with the rest of the staffers he's used for his pleasure.

Aunque no lo creas, algunas personas flirtean. So on the way back to the airport, I flirted with a woman We met at the hotel. I mean, we flirt and stuff, but when I ask her on a date, bubkes. You banter and-- and you flirt and you razz each other and you flip your hair and you giggle and you wiggle your boobs at him.

Wait a second, we're Don't you think I know why you flirt with me and why you hold my hand? We spoke for a while Does your mom tell boys to flirt with you?

Indicative mood

A ver, flirteamos y eso, pero cuando le pido una cita, me evade. Maybe you flirted with him. Y recuerde, la condesa es muy estricta con esto

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