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The hero helped train Espelar's militia, [2] and took the recruit Flirtende besked and his men to rescue a group of militiamen from Manister Basea nearby militia base. New in version 2.

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The content of your messages is all safe, but Messenger will take note of who you're chatting with and where from, which in Facebook's eyes helps it to improve products and services.

After the Treaty of Coruscant ended the fighting, Besk decided that he could make a bigger difference on a smaller scale, and he left the Order. You can switch to different views using the navigation tabs. By setting Editor link you can override this to use your local editor to open the source code where translated strings is being used.

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Example can be seen on following image, where Slovak language is shown as secondary: List of services depends on Weblate configuration, but will you find love soon by john include popular sites such as Google, Facebook, GitHub or Bitbucket.

You flirtende besked fault Facebook Messenger from a usability point of view, but having to jump through an extra hoop to get encryption enabled is disappointing, and you can't encrypt conversations you've already had. On the plus side, it's unlikely you'll have to tell your contacts to install another app, as they probably already have this set up.

Note All language selections offers only languages which are currently being translated.

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Usually something like editor: There, the individual went on to help a number of settlers across the Jundland Wastesa region to the south of Anchorhead which lay between the city and the Imperial-controlled town of Mos Ila.

These images are obtained using https: After the sandstorm, Besk revealed his knowledge of the individual's travels and asked the operative to stay and help a little longer, in order to help unify the settlements.

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Besk asked the individual to stop the saboteurs, using the agent's feelings of responsibility to gain the individual's help.

You do need to turn the feature on though, via the Secret Conversation setting you'll find in the conversation options. When asked how he knew so much, Besk revealed that he was a former Jedi and thanked the operative again for the help.

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His training allowed him to quickly assume a leadership role among his fellow settlers. Through a combination of his power in the Force and his position, Besk was able to remain aware of major events on the planet.

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You can register by following a few simple steps: A conversation with your bot begins when the get started button is tapped. Your languages will show translation status of all projects, filtered by your primary languages.

The sandstorm had disabled the trading post's defenses, prompting the Empire to send in a team of saboteurs to eliminate it.

Around the year BBYan operative of the Republic arrived on the planet. Besk made his home on the Outer Rim planet of Tatooinewhere he lived in the city of Anchorhead.

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The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity. The base had been overrun by a Geonosian hivewhich had seized control of the base's supplies and weapons. In addition, the drop-down can also show any number of component lists, sets of project components preconfigured by the Weblate administrator, see Component Lists.

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This menu should contain top-level actions that a person can enact at any point. The tabs will show several options: You should only use Messenger if you're comfortable with Facebook's data and privacy practices.

He believed that if the individual helped solve the problems afflicting many of the Republic settlements on the planet, the citizens would be able to better stand up against the native Sand Peoplepirateswarlordsand even the Empire.


The individual held off the Geonosians while the militia fled to Outpost Largona to the south. You may also optionally make the persistent menu the only way to interact with your bot by disabling the composer.

Alternate stories are noted in the " Behind the scenes " section. You will receive notifications for selected events on chosen projects for languages you have indicated for translation see above.

Sender actions are an important tool for accomplishing this that gives you the ability to programmatically control the standard Messenger typing, and read receipt indicators in-conversation. If you pick Component list, you have to select which component list will be displayed from the Default component list drop-down.

Besk was aware of the agent's exploits on the planet, and when a sandstorm hit Anchorhead as the operative was leaving, Besk asked for the individual's assistance in getting people inside the spaceport and out of the storm.

You can configure your preferred view in the Preferences section of your user profile settings.