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Our customs documents will provide a description of the unit and the sales price you paid. Russia Distributor We do not ship directly to Russia. Streetcar service to Willow Grove Park ended on June 8, when the Pennsylvania Highway Department predecessor to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation acquired portions of the private right-of-way on Limekiln Pike for construction of the soon to be built Pennsylvania Route Expressway.

PA Trolley Museum photograph.

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Our shipping process requires lead time and detailed planning. PCC streetcars were assigned to Route 6 beginning June 20, To get more information on purchases of or more miners, go to Support, Submit Ticket. Worldwide shipping transit time is normally flirterz 22 septa to two weeks.

Broadeng will not pay for any loss of down time or delay caused by defective equipment.

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Bus service known as "6 Bus" See below. In cases where the warranty is void or after the warranty period, equipment can be repaired for the cost of parts and labor. You are not allowed to make a shipping address change after you place your order. The Route 6 trolley used to run along Keswick Avenue, pictured here in Cheltenham.

Please provide your Skype ID and we will contact you as soon as possible. Retrieved September 28, Please configure your email settings to allow email from the ibelink.

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The line was fully double-tracked. You must be available to receive your order, pay all customs fees, and work with the customs process in your country.

Route "6 Bus" was extended to Johnsville via Warminster on June 19,by merging with the Route 74 bus, another former trolley line. We are unable to provide custom shipping request. Your order will be shipped from our manufacturing facility in China.

On January 12, buses replaced service on Route 6. The right of way of old Route 6 trolley is still visible along Edge Hill Road.

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A former Route 6 trolley car along this route can be found at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in Washington, Pennsylvania. We recommend Dash for payment because the network is faster and more reliable in completing the order.

Purchases of under units will be placed on our website when we have inventory. Fill in the form and give us the details of your interest including the amount you intend to purchase.

All sales are final.

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When the order is shipped we will send you an email. No plans are currently under way to restore the Route 6 line as light-rail service, nor are there such plans for the Route 22 line. However, customers can order our products from our official in distributor in Russia.

The Route 6 trolley during the lates. We are not able to modify this information.


Broadeng will pay for the shipping cost to the customer when shipping a replacement unit within the warranty period. We are not able to provide an exact shipping date. The following events will void the warranty: Defective machines will be repaired for free under the Broadeng warranty policy.