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The books concludes with the comments of young Orion, the eleven-year-old son of Kristina whom Ellen and John Hopkins eventually adopted.

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Crank and Glass have always been more than just stories. Presents articles critically analyzing the popular novels on teenage crystal meth addiction, and includes testimonials from the author's family members upon whom the characters in the novel were based.

She explains her arduous journey from disbelieving parent to frantic mother and finally to author. There is no cure for meth addiction. The books were unusual in that the stories were written in verse fiction.

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What does the real -Kristina- think about the way her backdating contract signature is told in Crank and Glass? Where is the line between truth and fiction?

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Protecting them by preparing them. Hopkins had geared both books toward teenagers. Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you'll like motorcycle riders dating site book.

And it will present itself.

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Recovery is possible but relapses are common and the monster is always waiting in the shadows to reclaim its victims. This section contains words approx.

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Hopkins explained how she got to an emotional crossroads where she had to let go of her daughter. The essays also contain insight into the addiction and its ramifications. Throughout the book, there is the fundamental acknowledgment that meth addiction is a monster that wreaks havoc on the addict and her loved ones.

She wanted to learn what some of her colleagues, other professionals and her family thought of the books and asked each of them to provide critiques of her works. Ellen Hopkins did a fantastic job of editing this collection of essays from multiple points of view.

She also felt compelled to write about her daughter and the damage that meth did to her and the entire family.

Although the stories may have been rough, they contained the raw truth. This is definitely an interesting companion to the trilogy and recommended to anyone who liked those books and want to know more. The book is testimony to the influence that a story such as this can have on a person, young or old, when the choice to try a drug that first time presents itself.

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We should be grateful she has. In this title, Ellen has joined forces with numerous people, and included letters written by her own family, "Kristina" included, to discuss the Monster, her writing, and the impact her two best-selling novels have had on their own and others lives.

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Quotes This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion on Flirtin' with the Monster: But, what is probably the most interesting and beneficial to teen readers is the fact that members of the Hopkins family sound off as well. She provides a brief synopsis of her real-life struggle with a daughter who was a victim of meth addiction.

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It is a powerful drug that has a powerful and unyielding effect over its captives. Why do love and addiction so often go hand in hand?

Ellen, herself, gives more insight into the turmoil her family went through during the years "Kristina" was in the grips of the monster.

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The book consists of two main parts. Why should the books we open to our teenagers be any different? It was important for Hopkins to learn the opinions about her works from her respected peers, other professionals who she held in high regard and those she loved.

The first part contains the essays of other writers and professionals.

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Hopkins and her husband have adopted their oldest grandchild and are raising him, for example. We can't protect our teenagers forever, and if one adolescent can read about someone else's mistakes, and be frightened into not ever making the choices Ellen's daughter made, then she will have paved her way to heaven.

With an introduction by Ellen Hopkins herself, Flirtin' with the Monster is the definite voice on what makes Crank and Glass page-turners for teens everywhere.

Hopkins indicates that she wanted to end the book with Orion because he represents the future. This book will definitely have a home on my middle school library shelf.

Join their author Ellen Hopkins and a host of other writers as they delve deep into Kristina's story, from the straight truth on the physical effects of methamphetamine addiction to the psychological consequences of keeping secrets and how Hopkins' books have encouraged so many teens to reveal theirs.

In writing about this tragedy, she was better able to understand what happened and held the hope that her words would prove to help others. Ellen's husband, "Kristina's" sister, "Kristina," and "Hunter" all have an essay included.

With an essay by Ellen's real-life daughter the basis for the character of -Kristina- that tells her version of the events that inspired the books--along with perspectives from -Scott, - -Jake, - and year-old -Hunter, - the baby from Crank--Flirtin' with the Monster is a compelling journey through the complexities of Hopkins' beloved bestselling works.


The book begins with an introduction by author Hopkins. Some critics thought the sentiment and emotion were too rough for teens.

In this section, topics such as the truthfulness of memoirs; letting go of a loved one who is addicted; a judicial view of meth addicts; and Hopkins' choice to fictionalize a true story are addressed.

I preferred this section, because it seemed more personal and less dry than the first section.

Flirtin' With the Monster

This second part, of course, are wrought with emotion as family members describe the personal impact of having a loved going through such tragedy and horror.

As Niki Burnham so eloquently puts it in the opening chapter on role models our kids are reading about, or not allowed to read about, " Their powerful words give the reader a real look at the devastation drugs have on the entire family. The second part contains the thoughts and feelings of her family.