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Flirtini cocktail nigella lawson, other recipes you might like

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I need to take food with me everywhere. Her mother suffered both bulimia and anorexia, which gave Nigella a determination to enjoy food rather than let it torture her.

Prawn Cocktail

When not dripping with caramel sauce, sporting a tight-fitting top or an apron, Nigella is usually to be found poured into one of her many Vivienne Westwood corset dresses, which only serve to accentuate her gloriously curvy figure. Nigella is sometimes accused of 'flirting' on camera She has been quoted as saying that she avoids trying to lose weight because it would age her about ten years.

Which is lucky, because if Nigella goes on a diet, Britain may as well forego Christmas Day and declare the death of self-indulgence. At 51, she looks about 25 in the flesh, so she probably has a point.

Nigella Lawson Oversized Clutch

That pale penguin-lookalike, photographed in a full cover-up against the late-summer Sydney sun, is ancient history.

I always like the thought of eating more.

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Nigella is a not a snob — she uses Quality Street as Christmas decorations, and then eats them. Everyone else will just have to enjoy the view. Nigella was created that way.


Of course, when it comes to Christmas, no one looks to Nigella for restraint. I always cook for eight, but make enough to feed Ms Lawson furiously denies she dishes up food porn.

Nigella Lawson professes her love of salted caramel on the cover of Stylist magazine Nigella insists that anyone who thinks this shot — her lips are slightly parted, her eyes shaded dark, her painted nails grasp her temples in ecstasy, and masses of sugary goo dribbles down her face — is in any way erotic, has a problem.

The TV chef, pictured looking slimmer last month, left, than in April, right, puts her weight loss down to researching Italian food Seductive?

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Nigella, on the cover of the free magazine Stylisthas become a human toffee apple. The truth is that Nigella is about full-frontal hedonism.


Advertisement Share or comment on this article: In truth, Nigella is the goddess of pleasure, and, boy, does she know it! They should release the image as an Athena poster for hungry men everywhere. Here she is on eating: Everything is about control, rather than relaxing, about holding everything in.

So how seriously should we take Nigella?