Cheesecake Martini Cocktail Recipe with Picture Cheesecake Martini Cocktail Recipe with Picture

Flirtini martini ingredients cheesecake, not sure what to cook?

Georgia Peach Martini This Martini is so easy to make!

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The fragrance of lemon stirs up your spirits so quickly. The color, the flavor, you will love everything about it! Martinis are undoubtedly the stealer of any party. Pina Colada-Tini I find this recipe truly an exotic one.

The color represents the festive spirit as well!


Give it a try! Made with Peaches, Vodka and peach liqueur. Check out the recipe here 4. Super tasty, super fun and a perfect choice for Christmas parties or any sort of parties and get together.

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This Martini is smooth as silk! Chocolate Strawberry Martini Chocolate lovers, here we go with Martinis! Both of them tastes amazingly good! This Martini is one of my personal favorites. It can made within minutes!

A combination of cherry with a touch of alcohol is simply bliss!

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It is made with Malibu Coconut Rum, cream of coconut and pineapple juice. And if you are a cranberry lover, you will enjoy the Martini even more. Perfect choice for the party, guests will love it within no time! Indeed worth a try!

How to make:

So you can already guess how good this Martini is! And we all know what a deadly combination it is when Strawberry meets Chocolate. Check out the recipe here 8. Let us present you the 20 best Martinis and their recipes to try this Christmas season.

Elmlea Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Martini

Blood Orange Martini What an exotic name for a Martini! The color and the flavor is unique compared to the other Martinis.

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Silk road — A Grapefruit Martini The name is right! A marvelous dessert drink after Christmas Dinner.

Flirtini #1

This Martini looks really gorgeous when poured into the classic Martini glasses. This Martini is truly something you should try this Christmas. Check out the recipe here 5.

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Cocktails are made of two or more ingredients, one of which is an alcoholic spirit. Check out the recipe here 3. How better can your Christmas get?

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Check out the recipe here 9.