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One night, we went out to this restaurant and he was being flirtatious with the waitress, and I joked that he only wanted to be with me for my money.


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Will eventually entail some sort of flirtatious behaviour, outside the realms of what is considered gentlemanly conduct. Flirtious Sun The audience was flirtious respite between numbers with each member taking a turn to introduce himself and engage in slightly painfulflirtatious banter with the crowd.

Then go to the dance to help me keep an eye on that flirtatious sister of yours.


Suggest an example Results: Flirtious, Sunday Times I giggled, thinking he was ringing for a bit of flirtatious banter to cheer himself up. All I'm asking is if it's possible to adopt a flirtatious attitude towards the doctor.

Without so much as a flirtatious wink from Matty or a coy smile from Jake, the boys walked off with their girls, never even bothering to ask Jenna's name.

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Flirtatious, flared nostrils, admiring look. Times, Sunday Times A man is accused of sending flirtatious text messages to a young woman.

The Sun A funnyflirtatious text launches a romance. She was flirtatious with other men in the bar Times, Sunday Times She is playful and flirtatious while getting her photo taken, giving the photographer the finger and poking her tongue out.

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You're fun, you're personable, a little flirtatious. Times, Sunday Times Although the relationship was flirtatious it was platonic. I might have been flirtatious, but I never harassed anybody Bull's wife is too flirtatious.

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There was no flirtatious meaning behind that playful punch I gave your arm. It's me - Wheeler Walker W, your slightly flirtatious barkeep.

There was no affair, these are flirtatious e-mails.

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Times, Sunday Times I recently exchanged numbers with a well-known figure in entertainment whose flirtatious texts are a real education. Times, Sunday Times And judging by her flirtatious behaviour, she seems to have enjoyed the experience.

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The Sun A woman sold her marital home online while her husband was abroad after finding a flirtatious text on his phone that had been sent by another woman.

I never grow tired of your flirtatious badinage. What, you mean Sister Flirtatious?

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Massimo's pirate crew, as he privately thought of them, some of whose names he knew whilst knowing nothing of their lives beyond the act - grave, flirtatious, resentful, brisk, droll - each brought to the table.

I don't - I don't know why this is, but ever since Douglas and I got engaged, women seem way more flirtatious with him. Read more… She says her good looks and flirtatious behaviour charmed the police waiting at the hospital.