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My heart will go on, as it were. Cheers in style with personalized wine labels! These are practically masterpieces. On the right — a study in contrasts: Dating simulation game apk full, with the ultimate party to kick off the new decade, we flirty 30 cakes 30 might be your best year yet.

I actually took a picture of myself mid-sob-fest because even while experiencing it, the level of WOE IS ME misery I had achieved kind of cracked me up.

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If a gourmet brunch with her best gals is more up her alley, then this balloon garland kit is just the ticket to elevate the sweet setting. Gold star for me! But you can still enjoy a rainbow sprinkles cake that never goes out of style. You DO get to see pictures of Disneyland, though!

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Disneyland was the best, as it always is. It has been an eventful few months. Parties are a great excuse to let loose and pop some Champagne. So the best, right? Cheers to a new year with a set of cups tailored to you AND your birthday drink of choice.

At one point I gave up for a while and just sat on the ground. This clever shirt gets the party started with a quote from your favorite sleepover movie, 13 Going on Set out festive cozies for guests to give you some epic birthday toasts with.

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Put them on display at a serve-yourself station to make a Snap-worthy birthday flirty 30 cakes. Finish it off with a make-your-own margarita cart for a truly festive touch. I mean, come on guys.

Exercise has been resumed, much to the chagrin of my out-of-shape muscles. Talk about a blast from the past.

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Sweeten the deal by treating your guests to a blast from the past. The apartment is getting cleaner and more organized. Everything is coming back together and I look forward to getting the real meaty stuff going again shortly. Balance is on the plus side?

How will you celebrate? Or something like that. I had planned on going to the Pinup Girl Clothing Boutique, Unique Vintage, and What Katie Did, but instead I spent many, many hours on public transportation, wandering around cursing the humidity and failing to find a taxi.

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Alternate Ending Man is sooooo romantic! I was digging the vintage suitcase a lot more till I had to tromp uphill with it for god knows how long. Just thrilling I tell you! Due to some adverse circumstances, I was sans any of the dresses I had originally planned to wear and also sans petticoat, but I managed alright I suppose.

Not gonna lie, I was a mess for a bit. It all evens out, right?

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Actually, that was all in the last few weeks. Tell me about it. That beer cake tower your pals presented you with when you turned 21 might not go over as well these days.

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Is your 30th coming up? Kiss your 20s goodbye with a bowl full of legit kisses! If your guests go missing, just look for the flashing camera. Boosaurus and her DH and Contrary Kiwi are among the loveliest, most caring and thoughtful, wonderful people I have ever met, and were it not for blogging I would not know them at all.

This year, skip the birthday cards.

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Now everyone can join in the merriment with take-home treats contained in these adorable bags. Obviously these were just taken on the fly, and I will need to take proper photos and do posts sometime in the future.

And then I just set about getting back to business. I am literally throwing confetti in the air here, shortly after losing my job… But gaining a pie!!!!

Dirty Flirty Thirty | Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed

The best way to execute? Say so with a customized sign by the buffet.

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Take the occasion up a notch by layering decor and gifts together in one box for your beloved year-old. Because my friends are the most amazing people on the planet, Alternate Ending Man actually did give me a bit of closure: I want to live there.

Experience the world of cake decorating like never before with Cake Central Magazine!

This one was my favorite so it gets a picture all by itself sorry about the shoes… One needs to be comfortable at Disneyland: Odds that this will be the most popular picture in the post: You just spent 30 years grooming yourself to reach this level of awesomeness.

Be sure to have the camera ready for a night full of cute pics! Before I go any further, I just want to take a moment to give thanks for the internet.

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Drape it over your banquet table for a blend of whimsy and adulting decorative elegance. Having a hard time dealing with entering the new decade?

If you love Champagne as much as you love a good party, put them together with a bubbly theme. No seriously, I really missed you guys. Sadly, I can not live at Disneyland, so I returned to Vegas and things have been much as I outlined above.

Dirty Flirty Thirty

Bonus points for baking something the birthday girl loves! We stayed for three days, and I attempted to wear cute dresses for all of them. Instead, here is a picture of Milo, who is the cutest dog in existence. But till next time, think of me fondly, my dears?

It was super sad.