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Three Episode Impression Every episode of this series is a delicacy; both visual- and story-wise.

Learn the 's 'Flapper Girl' Makeup Look - Video Dailymotion

Wicked Witch This Halloween try a glamorous take on the classic witch costume. Get into the spirit of Halloween with even more creepy, cute, and crafty inspiration! Jun Fukushima Hidaka is a scientist researching Mimi no Kakera.

She has a charisma that will surely brighten up your day.

Halloween How-To: Sexy '20s Flapper Girl Makeup

She worries daily about the strange inventions from Hidaka. O A mysterious girl who suddenly appears before Cocona and is searching for the Mimi no Kakera.


Pair this makeup with a faux fur hoodie or vest to create a jungle ready look. When danger approaches, the Mimi no Kakera shines and the flirty flapper makeup video transform. Sultry Vampire This vampire makeup tutorial combines the sultry and scary aspects of vampires into a cohesive costume.

Yayaka possesses a strong personality and Cocona considers Yayaka a friend to rely on.

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For a cute addition to your costume, carry around a few pieces of bamboo. Follow the easy video to create a makeup look featuring deep smoky eyes, dark red lips, and dripping blood.

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Yuyu Yuyu is a mysterious elementary school student. A second-year in middle school, class president and honours student. Whilst searching Pure Illusion for the Mimi no Kakera, a mysterious crystal that will grant their wishes, many difficulties block their path.

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Always upbeat and full of energy, but sometimes her fearless personality gets her into trouble. Pair the makeup look with a fringed dress and feather headband for a traditional flapper costume or wear a white dress and blonde wig to channel Daisy from The Great Gatsby.

It is impossible to read his facial expressions. Karman Dolls may seem sweet and innocent, but this creepy doll makeup tutorial showcases their darker side, which is so prevalent in scary movies these day.

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These two girls meet, and their adventures in Pure Illusion, a different time and space, begins. Feminine Lion Animal costumes are perfect for last-minute Halloween parties.

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Sayuri Sayuri is a female operator. Synopsis I wonder how you see the world? Two heroines hold the key to open the door: Your friends will be green with envy. Toto Toto is a mysterious elementary school student.

Halloween How-To: Sexy '20s Flapper Girl Makeup # - Weddbook

Minami Takahashi A girl who lives with her grandmother. He has invented TT and various other things as well. All the makeup looks are easy to complete and feature beauty products you can find at your local drugstore.

Flip Flappers is everything you have watched in other Mahou Shoujo shows, but somehow it feels like such an original idea. Kenjirou Tsuda Soruto is a sunglass bespectacled man who is searching for the Mimi no Kakera.