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Even if you're on the shy side, there are private lessons and a DVD collection. Inspired by an episode of Oprah when Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher gushed over how pole dancing classes were keeping her in the best shape of her life and allowing her to have loads of fun, the Knee sisters bought their own pole, taught themselves how to swing from it and then opened up their first Flirty Online video dating ukrainian Fitness studio in Toronto.

I couldn't have done it without you. I was nervous to climb, but finally had a break through moment and climbed three times!!! I've only been there twice and after every class I can't wait to come back.

I am not able to run for exercise anymore, but my cardiologist has approved me attending pole class!

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I tend to quit when things get difficult, but I'm bound and determined to get to the top of the pole and sign my name on that ceiling!

She has no idea how much Flirt Fitness has impacted my life.

Flirty Girl Fitness Reviews and Complaints

As I got older, the desire to learn pretty much ANY group activity never faded. The psychological damage from that experience has been difficult to heal. I have two disputes against the company pending and I will end up getting a new card sent to me regardless so this company will leave me alone.

A year later and Flirt has been my one thing that has remained steady in my life.

How Does Flirty Girl Fitness® Work?

I nailed most of the moves in Level 1. I wish I lived closer, I'd sign up for classes in a heartbeat. When I'm in class, there is no negativity, just women supporting and cheering other women on. It was comfortable, fun, and a great workout! Flirt successfully carves out space for women in which they can be sexy, strong, and confident for themselves.

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When I don't even have the money to pay my bills, I make sure to somehow get the money for class, because if I didn't have Flirt keeping me sane, I don't know where I'd be right now. Flirt has shown me there's so much more in the world than living in a tiny box doing all those things society expects you to do.

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I never thought I could enjoy workouts but then I entered the purple rooms of Flirt and never looked back. This past January, I realized my self-esteem was again falling, so I searched for an empowering activity to help me escape.

All the ladies were encouraging, and to my surprise weren't all a size I didn't think it was an option for me to try pole dancing, as I'm overweight. They motivate you to become a better, stronger, happier, sexier you!

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Flirt is something new and exciting. Yes it is fun, yes it can be sexy, yes it is hard, and a great workout. Sara, thank you for being such an awesome instructor! The instructors and the activity itself have given me the tools I need to build a heathier relationsiop with my body.

It was there for me when I finally quit that job, and has been there through these past nine months as I have been unemployed, broke and struggling.

Exercise that is so unique, you'll be fabulously fit in no time.

Now, I am finally learning how to be a girl, and my childhood dreams of being a princess will come true with the next level Pole Princesses. It was so much fun!! It allows me to take more risks and overall feel comfortable in bonding with my enfironment, which now seems less threatening and more like a playground of opportunities.

My mind often fills with negative criticism.

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All of the Flirty Girl Fitness instructors are female so you don't have to worry about taking an Abs and Booty class under the guidance of a male trainer.

We have window coverings on the front of each studio. At the end of an amazing training session, you feel incredible, inspired, more confident and a whole lot sexier! I had come to Flirt for a bachelorette party and fell in love immediately.

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Very fun and a great workout! I miss class, dancing, poling, you and all the girls. The showcases are amazing great. We provide a "home" where we believe in community, fellowship and family.

All of my friends talked about booking parties too!!! Flirt has given me the confidence to let go, to feel sexy and not dirty. I'm just beginning but this is a journey I'm excited to be apart of. But, Flirt is family and friendship, Flirt is a place you can come to leave all of your worries behind, where you can get lost in the emotions and realize you are stronger than you ever thought you could be.

Flirt is a place to call home.

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I Jane due to the disappointment of the first one. Yes 0 No 4 Report. The instructors are great and the follow polees are so encouraging. Flirt is a safe haven. Then, moved on to level 2! Flirt is lifelong friendships.

Review is a subjective opinion of poster Post comment Helpful? Flirt is confidence boosting. I will be sending my friends here! Do You Know the Best Diets of ? Started by two Canadian sisters, Kerry and Kristy Knee, Flirty Girl Fitness is a ladies-only fitness and lifestyle club that specializes in pole-dancing, sensual dancing and hip-hop classes.

When my friend signed up for an 8-week session, I did too. This is the first type of "workout" that I really never want to miss!