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I Want To Go To Hollywood click to view video Grand Hotel Grand Hotel is based on a film telling the story of a weekend in a hotel in Berlin and the intersecting stories of the eccentric hotel dating ikaw last cardinals. A real powerhouse number, full of emotion and belting.

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The woman singing tells of the three men in her life and how she rejects the two dreamers and chooses the rich man. She has become a huge burlesque star and no longer needs her mother, she is now the sophisticated Gypsy Rose Lee.

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It allows musical theater artists to search for the best material to meet their needs with amazing specificity and ingenuity. She is a cynical persian cat, cynical because her dreams of being a Hollywood star were broken and she winded up a secretary!

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All of the different coaches and engines have personalities and Belle is the sleeping car. I highly recommend a subscription for anyone who is seriously teaching, studying or working in the musical theater industry.

Students who use it say it is easy, fast and gives them lots of song ideas. The song is full of fun lyrics and is a typical dreamer number, giving you plenty of room for character and storytelling as you sing of the life you have and you life you dream of, also some room for a bit of s dance to sneak in!

A really beautiful ballad sung by the Kolokolo bird, she is wondering why her courage fails her, she wants to fly but is afraid to fall. With the easy to use, multiple parameter search interface, Steven Gross has designed a site that allows you to custom make a list of songs appropriate to any specific student.

Enjoy the challenge of really getting into character and delivering the song with some oomph!

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The story is of the famous deformed bellringer Quasimodo and his struggles to gain acceptance into society. Janet is flirty musical theatre songs alto, vivacious, with an outgoing personality — she adores being the centre of attention and is a consummate s starlet — a gem of a role for any leading lady.

This song is sung by Sawyer a female Cat. What begins as a witty, sardonic song sung by a clever, witty and sardonic character to a bossa-nova beat, suddenly changes as Joanne begins to sing it about herself and to Bobby.

Watch Elaine Stritch and how this ending happens not with showy vibrato but with guts and honesty. The song is full of bitterness, resentment and depression.

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The story follows the dreams and efforts of Rose to raise her two daughters to perform on stage. By the end of the show the girls have grown up. If you empathise with the character and the song then go for it. The song is about the misapprehension that being financially rich makes you rich in life.

It has not only given me ideas for repertoire that I may not have known, but has saved valuable time researching song choices for individual students. Alto Songs for Musical Auditions These are songs to help you find a musical theatre audition song, have a watch of the video, listen to the song and if you like it then you must read the script or watch the show, a lot of them are on Youtube, and get an understanding of the character.

This song translated as Einmal occurs when Esmeralda is imprisoned and questioning her life and the world, she sings this song about how she hopes the world will learn after countless war and bloodshed to live with love and not hate. The site is linked with our library and will be the anchor for an upcoming musical theater resource page.

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This powerful ending lets us see the terror behind the song, and the emotional heart of this song and character. The musical deals with the American civil rights movement in in Louisana, the time of the assasintaion of JFK.

The film is set in a world where human beings and anthropomorphic animals live side-by-side.

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The character of Lily would suit an older actress, the song has humour as well as pathos and would make a great audition piece. The song is a lovely ballad sung by someone who has failed at her dreams again, and has a wonderful bluesy quality about it.

To understand the song you can look at the German stage version of the film. The show tells the story of Tracey Turnblad a plump teenager who lands a part as a dancer on a local TV show and manages to use that show as a platform to bring racial equality to her little corner of America.

Song Lists can be saved and updated as new material is added to the site.

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Her unrequited dreams of stardom and her personal demons surface. He listens to his LP recording of the show and the characters come to life in his apartment. Good Morning Baltimore is the opening number and is sung by Tracey. She is an old coach who is asleep in a coal bunker and wakes and sings this song which is the story of her life and how she once was loved and glamorous but now is faded, peeling and old.

This is one of those songs which will give you the opportunity to show a range of emotions whilst offering up something a little bit different from the usual shows.

The show was really a dance show where the cast famously wore roller skates and skated around the theatre in and out of the auditorium on race tracks. The song in the stage show ends with Esmeralda about to be put to death which makes the song more poignant and dramatic as it is possibly her dying wish for the world.

The Brides Lament is sung by Janet when she dreams of her lost romance and her decision to return to the stage. It is a big, funny, show-offy number with a wonderful dream sequence and some hilarious dancing monkeys!