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During their talk segment, they highlighted that through YouTube and the Internet, global fans have been able to follow and become closer to K-Pop. Just like the previous day at SM Town concert, Amber was a huge crowd favorite.

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Despite not promoting too much in Korea the last few years, the girls received a lot of love from the audience. For Jessica, this was a special event for her as she was really happy to perform near her home town.

Unfortunately, only seven members of the group were present due to Yoona and Yuri being busy with filming their dramas. There were two special solo performances.

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This was easily the biggest K-Pop concert to ever hit Northern California, and the fans in attendance definitely showed their appreciation for the artists. Lastly, since this whole concert was aired live on YouTube, the performance videos were made available shortly after the concert. Throughout their performances they looked very focused on their choreography.

While all the SM Entertainment artists performed a four hour long concert the previous day and flew up to Northern California from Los Angeles earlier in the day, you could not see any signs of fatigue on them. The choreography for it seemed improvised as they ran around around the stage and pointed at the crowd to sing along.

Since seating was first come first serve, fans began to line up as early as 4 a.

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Singing from the upper stage, the translated lyrics appeared on the screen behind her to give the audience a sense of how beautiful the song was. They playfully asked the audience to give their energy and take the place of the two missing members.

As the only ballad performance of the night, Sunye did a great job of conveying her emotions to the crowd. While it would have been nice to see more special stages and collaborations, having these top groups perform live on the same stage already made it an unforgettable night.

To her, it was a song that had always given her strength and was something she had wanted to perform.

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She teased the crowd, suggesting everyone to go to the beach afterwards. By the time the doors had finally opened at 5 p. By that time the venue was filled to capacity with over 22, K-Pop fans ready to begin this epic concert.