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On the other hand, the beginning of Plato 's account in his Christian dating protocol kissing ff.

Biography[ edit ] He was educated at the universities of Bonn and Berlin and in became professor ordinarius of classical philology at the latter institution.

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Often, a commentator will refer to a fragment in Diels—Kranz in a more abbreviated form. Berlin, —, reprint Berlin: Weidmann, ; the editions after the 6th are mainly reprints with little or no change.

Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker Berlin,6th ed.

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The ordering of Presocratics in Diels is roughly chronological from Orpheus to the author of the dissoi logoi ; the numbering of the fragments themselves, within each chapter, is determined generally by the alphabetic order of the names of the sources. Also, Diels—Kranz does not of course include fragments discovered since its publication, such as fragments from the Strasbourg papyrus published inwhich preserves for us pieces of Empedocles ' poetry never before known in modern times.

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For example, one may refer to 28B1 as simply "Parmenides, fragment 1". Press,though it is based on the fifth edition of Diels—Kranz, whose numbering of fragments is somewhat different from later editions.

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The collection includes a German translation of the Presocratic quotations, but not of the testimonia. In spite of the respect paid to Diels' monumental work, there is ongoing controversy among scholars over the details of his arrangement of the fragments. For example, some fragments categorized by Diels as quotations are thought by some scholars to be in reality only paraphrases or explanations of the Presocratic work in question.

For example, what is thought to be the introductory section of Parmenides ' poem on the "Ways of Truth and Opinion" was quoted by Sextus Empiricus and Simplicius ; in Diels—Kranz this is labeled as fragment 28B1 — i.

Major works[ edit ] Doxographi Graeci Berlin,reprint Berlin: Diels—Kranz numbering He is now known for a collection of quotations from and reports about Presocratic philosophers.

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Bibliowiki has original media or text related to this article: Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker[ edit ] See also: The "28" stands for Parmenides to whom Diels—Kranz devote chapter 28 in the numeration of the current editionthe "B" indicates that it is a quotation, and the "1" means that it is the first quotation in Diels' ordering of quotations of Parmenides.

Diels's method of labeling the fragments has become the standard way of referring to the works of the Presocratics.

It consists of three volumes that present, for each of the Presocratics, both quotations from their now mostly lost works transmitted by later writers, and secondary-source material known as testimonia.

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It was first published inwas later revised and expanded three times by Diels, and was finally revised in a 5th edition —7 by Walther Kranz and again in a sixth edition