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He's as clean as a freshly waxed buttock. Though most of them simply cater to the crowd, she finds one, Senator Chris Discorsi senza senso yahoo dating, who appears honest and with strong ideals counter to Nixon, most of which are ridiculed by the audience.

If we hope to realise our aspirations as a great planet, we must each pay our fair share to achieve those noble goals.

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Let the satirizing begin! If this happened, the next candidate would've then taken over, but maybe that candidate was forced to drop out as well because of Nixon's underhanded tactics.

Professor Farnsworth sends the crew on a tax-deductible charity mission to evacuate wildlife from the doomed planet Vergon 6. Travers traveled back in time to thanks to the Machine language time codethought destroyed in Bender's Big Score, but is revealed to have survived on a photocopy of Fry's rear end.

It really doesn't matter who you vote for. At the hospital, they are unable to find any record and learn Travers is waiting there for them. The series once again showed that they have some of the smartest writers on television this episode penned by Patric Verrone, who's been with the show since the first season and pulled off another brilliantly Swift-ian installment.

It premiered on June 27, A sign at the convention says Atlanta, which was shown to be both under the ocean and its own nation in " The Deep South ".

Bender then throws a rally in front of Traver's campaign headquarters, demanding that Travers show his "Earth Certificate. If the Earth Constitution is identical to the United States Constitution except for substituting "Earth" for "United States"and since Travers was born just before the election, he would legally be less than a year old, and therefore ineligible to run as a candidate in the election, as the Constitution has a minimum age requirement of thirty-five.

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The way Futurama portrays the media circus is perfect: And despite the crowds' doubts, they do witness a birth and, wouldn't you know it, he has his eyes!

However in " Mars University " Farnsworth hints that jungles no longer exist on Earth, exclaiming "Jungles? Travers, after arriving in the past, had spent the last several years becoming the best candidate to run against Nixon to prevent this future from happening.

This slightly conflicts with a point made in Bender's Big Score that the code itself is paradox-correcting.

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And also there are robots. In a bold move to secure the voter's confidence, his live birth is broadcast on national TV, in which Travers assists his mother to deliver himself.

As the crew ponder this strange turn of events, all the actions of the past few days gets erased. Oh good, cause I don't have an ear.

At the next town hall, Bender calls out the candidate for having an exotic middle name like Zaxxar and demands to see Travers 'Earth Certificate' so he can immediately claim it's fake. Is that you Big Throat? Leela, angered at Nixon's non-existent competition, tries to become involved by attending a debate of the other candidates.

But, why would it be so important to stop Nixon? Travers states that he is Earth-bornhaving been born in a hospital in Kenyabut refuses to show the certificate. Synopsis Edit Bender and Nixon plotting It is the Presidential debate and everyone but Turanga Leela decides to vote for Nixonwho promises a fence around the solar system to keep away "illegal space aliens.

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Yet, a paradox occurred and erased Travers even though the time code used is supposed to be a special time code that prevents this from happening. Greenland dropped out in that timeline thereby Nixon was unopposed. As Earth's election time nears, President Richard Nixon 's Head builds his reelection campaign platform on the promise to order the construction of a " Dyson fence " around the southern part of the Solar System, which will keep out illegal extraterrestrial aliens.

But someday I might be rich, and people like me better watch their step! A presidential election was last featured in " A Head in the Polls ". And an understudy in case he's caught with a dead girl, live boy or sexy space ghost.

He could have been anticipating the robots' arrival to take place at the moment that he escaped.

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Brannigan throws the Planet Express crew in jail for violating the planet's security cordon, but tries to seduce Leela.

They all lean forward and boo, except for Leela, who stands up and claps slowly. Bender casually answers "watch this" as Travers begins to fade from existence. There's also the possibility that Travers created an alternate timeline.

The environment, yes or no? Perhaps he was not a native Neptunian and still forced to leave. It's possible it's his mother's file as she was admitted to the hospital that morning. Don't worry, you can still grab a dog there if you're willing to wait. A thoughtful and lucid answer.

Amidst the other candidates and their soundbites, Travers stands out as a voice of reason and is immediately booed. No one likes taxes.

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Bender explains that since Nixon lost, the future that produced Travers and the time-travel scheme no longer exists, therefore the Travers that won the election no longer exists. Bender's Big Score to stop Nixon from winning this election.

Nixon then eliminates the remaining working class and turns them into " Soylent Majority " soup to feed the poor. The rest of "Decision " becomes focused on satirizing the 'birther' movement in particular and Futurama couldn't do a better job. Greenlandthe first runner-up, would've gone against Nixon in the election.

A temporal paradox occurs and erases Travers from time, undoing all the events of the episode. Travers was sent back from fifteen years in the future using a copy of the time travel code from Futurama: It's fun watching Bender's future ascent to power by leading a robo-revolt but it wasn't as clever or well crafted as the rest of "Decision Travers used a paradox correcting time code, so there technically couldn't be a paradox, although there were also possible paradoxes in Bender's Game.

Leela realizes that this is a compelling story, and arranges for Travers' birth to be broadcast live to the world to prove definitively that he was born on Earth. Leela's efforts soon put Travers in the spotlight as a front-running candidate, quickly gaining momentum.

This is because in Bender's Big Score none of the paradoxes stopped themselves from getting the time code in the first place, however, Travers erased the point in time where he used it, therefore he never did at all.

A thoughtful and lucid answer. While approaching the planet, Leela is thrilled to meet the legendary Captain Zapp Brannigan, who is policing the sector. She attempts to encourage him, and becomes his campaign manager.