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As noted previously, the combat ability of an Galaxy angel rpg dating mint Frame is directly affected by its piloting Angel's morale due to the H. An elevated morale has significant effects on the Frame's damage, accuracy, evasion and Spirit charge rate.

A gameplay segment of Tact touring the Elle Ciel.

She reattaches the Chrono Break Cannon to the Elle Ciel and releases the limiters on the Emblem Frames, enabling them to fight continuously in their powered-up form. On the frontier Criom system, a picket squadron commanded by Tact Mayers encounters an Eonian automated fleet pursuing three members of the Moon Angel Troupe: The Elle Ciel can restore the energy of Emblem Frames.

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Energy is required for the ship to function, and is consumed as the ship moves or fights. He seizes the capital planet of Transbaal, killing the current monarch, King Geraldand usurping the throne.

However, Eonia is unable to capture the White Moonthe original bringer of Lost Technology to the Transbaal Empire, as the Holy Mother Shatoyan surrounds it with an impenetrable protective field. Shiva instead rejoins Shatoyan on the White Moon. If Tact is in a relationship with Forte, she replaces Lester who is transferred to a different fleet as Tact's adjutant.

Under the pretext of searching for remnants of Eonia's forces, Tact and the Elle Ciel are commissioned to search the borders of the Empire for any other Lost Technology that may threaten the Empire, his partner Angel accompanying him.

There they meet four people: When the Frame's spirit bar is full, it can use its special attack.

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The Elle Ciel attempts to link up with elements of the 3rd Kerugian berdagang online dating Navy near Rhome, but is galaxy angel rpg dating mint ambushed by a fleet under the command of Sherry BristolEonia's right hand.

Just then, however, the Black Moon fires an immensely powerful energy beam that cracks Rhome open, destroying Fargo with a glancing blow in the process.

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Tact's overall goal is get to know the members of the Moon Angel Troupe. Journey to Rhome Edit Tact leads the Angel Troupe through a series of battles with Eonia's forces, while getting acquainted with the Angels and earning their trust.

The Angels are subsequently forced to put the Hell Hounds down for good. The next day, Eonia's main force arrives, demanding the surrender of the White Moon. The ending has several variations, depending on player decisions made throughout the game.

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The VN segments are fairly typical of the genre and straightforward; taking the role of the protagonist, Tact Mayersthe player reads through the dialogue, occasionally making a choice from several presented options that affect the flow of the story.

Spirit is only available to the Angel Troupe's Emblem Frames, and increases as the Frame fights or takes damage. If Tact is in a relationship with Milfeulle, she retires from the Angel Troupe after losing her ability to pilot an Emblem Frame in the final battle.

Luft informs Tact that he and the Angel Troupe are invited to a ball celebrating the victory and Shiva's return, after which he will be relieved of command of the Angel Troupe and the Elle Ciel.

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In response, Noa activates the powered-up, winged forms of the Hell Hounds' Dark Angelssubsuming their pilots in the process. Shatoyan and Shiva implore Tact to destroy the Black Moon, but are suddenly cut off. The party is cut short, however, as Eonia's forces launch an unexpected attack on Rhome and Fargo, decapitating the loyalist military.

It reveals that the Noa they know is merely its interface, and that it was using Eonia as a pawn, before attempting to merge with the White Moon.

Shatoyan identifies the weapon in the blueprints as the Chrono Break Cannonwhich was originally attached to the Elle Ciel, but removed by the original discoverers of the White Moon as it was too powerful. The loyalist fleet stages a counteroffensive against Eonia's forces gathering near Rhome, and score a major victory.

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Health represents the structural integrity of the ship. If Tact broke up with his girlfriend, he and Lester are transferred out of the Angel Troupe and back into the regular navy.

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With the exception of the introductory tour, however, Tact can only spend 30 minutes touring the ship at a time, and each room visit takes five minutes, so the player must allocate time accordingly.

Before the upcoming battle, Tact spends some time with his partner Angel, which may depending on player choices lead to a breakup. The Angels succeed in defeating their Hell Hound nemeses several times, but they always escape to come back later. Ships move in three dimensions, although orders can only be issued on a two-dimensional plane.

This results in the Emblem Frames and the Elle Ciel activating their hidden power, restoring and augmenting their combat capability, the Frames growing large white wings in the process.

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With ten minutes of charging time left on the Chrono Break Cannon, the Elle Ciel charges at Eonia's flagship, even as Luft's fleet arrives to reinforce them. They otherwise behave as if in atmosphere, with top speeds and braking without thrusters i.

The Elle Ciel and the surviving Imperial fleet withdraw to the other side of Rhome to regroup. The goal is generally to eliminate all enemies while protecting the Elle Ciel, although some levels will have additional objectives.

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For this reason, the player should attempt to keep the Angels happy. Luft leaves with the Criom system squadron as a decoy to lure Eonia's forces away, allowing the Elle Ciel to escape. The Angel's faces indicate their locations.

Beginning Edit Eonia Transbaala formerly exiled prince of the Transbaal royal family, launches a coup d'etat with an automated fleet of unknown origins. The Black Moon Edit Tact goes to the ball with the Angel closest to him canonically Milfeulle as his partner, and they share a last dance together.

Theme Songs Opening Theme: At the strategy meeting on Fargo, in orbit around Rhome, Tact finds that the loyalist admirals have grown overconfident and are more concerned with personal power than winning the war.

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Just as the battle is seemingly won, the Black Moon addresses the heroes. Along the way, they enlist the aid of the Blancmanche Corporation and encounter the Hell Houndsa mercenary squadron hired by Eonia to fight the Angel Troupe.

Each ship has a varying amount of weapons with differing damage, range and accuracy valuesarmor, speed, acceleration, mobility and evasion. The defenseless Elle Ciel is mangled by Eonia's forces, until Tact gives a rousing speech to inspire the Angels.

Flush with success, they return triumphantly to Rhome, whereupon Shiva leaves the Elle Ciel. The Elle Ciel escapes only to find Eonia's fleet waiting in strength at their next destination, but are able to hold them off until the arrival of a detachment from the 3rd Regional Navy under the command of General Luft, who had managed to reach Rhome before them.

On occasion, the player will be given the freedom to move about the Elle Cielinspecting the various rooms and meeting the Angels.

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Luft appoints Tact the commander of the Elle Ciel and the Moon Angel Troupe, and orders him to escort Prince Shiva, whom Eonia is attempting to capture, to the Rhome system where loyalist forces are gathering. Tact and the Angel Troupe meet with Shatoyan, who reveals that the White Moon indeed contains sealed facilities for weapons manufacturing, and that the Black Moon is a twin of the White Moon.

Creta Biscuitthe Elle Ciel's engineer, discusses the strange phenomenon experienced by the Emblem Frames and the Elle Ciel, bringing up blueprints for a possible new weapon for the Elle Ciel in the process. When it drops to zero, the ship is destroyed or forced to retreat, although a ship can fight at full strength until it is actually destroyed.

Shiva identifies the weapon as being stored in a sealed section of the White Moon, and Tact orders the Elle Ciel to leave for the Transbaal system and the White Moon.

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Sherry leads a fleet and the Hell Hounds to delay the Elle Ciel, but the Angel Troupe emerges victorious in the resulting battle and Sherry is killed in a failed suicide attack on the Elle Ciel.

If the player completed the Shiva subroute explained on the walkthroughShiva refuses to take the throne, and Luft becomes President of the Transbaal Republic.