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In short, a lot. Seeds are done in ascending order.

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Which means your coming up with things to make your argument seem correct. Matches must be started by their default start time and played until completion.

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The penalties for these offenses are listed here. Every team competing is hoping to capture one of just 16 spots at the World Championship.

Halo World Championship 2018: What you need to know

The official competitive tournament for Halo 5: MLG reserves the right to require legal proof such as a government issued ID of a player's eligibility, at any time.

The registered Username must contain the correct and complete Name, Address, and Email of the user. Will Splyce be able to continue their dominance? If a Game ends in a tie, it must be replayed.

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The format for this tournament will be very similar to New Orleans featuring a team group stage, an open bracket, as well as a final championship bracket to crown the champion. After losing a Match, Teams will be eliminated from the Bracket.

Complete the match and then report the outcome.

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Individuals are prohibited from sharing account information stored on GameBattles with another person for any reason. This also includes offering to cancel matches in exchange for any item or service.

If you do not personally accept a team invitation, you may be disqualified from competing.

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Capture the Flag and Strongholds Games must be restarted if a Player disconnects in the first 10 seconds. Teams must have four Players present in order to start a Slayer Game.

HWC 2016/Online Qualifiers/NA/Online Tournament 5

When a Game is replayed, the Host is not changed. There's a mix of online and LAN play, huge sums of money and the world's finest Halo players involved.

Teams must be complete with 4 eligible Players at least ten minutes prior to the start of the Tournament. If an ineligible Player joins a Game, the Game must be ended.


The rules may be updated and modified at any time, for any reason. No match should be disputed if you believe the opposing team is evading a ban. Online play takes place through MLG's Gamebattles service, and there are a series of 2K tournaments to help teams boost their points with 2, awarded to the winners.

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Performing or assisting with a DDoS attack of your opponent will result in immediate disqualification of that team.

A team must consist of exactly 4 players.

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Group play will feature 16 teams: Check out the GameBattles Discord Server! The penalties for these offense are listed here.

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This includes posting or accepting challenges on the Match Finder. Hosting The higher ranked team will play as the red team for all maps.

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Players are only able to be on one roster for this Tournament at a time. The first map will need to be played. Some key differences are: From here on out there will be regional qualifiers to seal spots at the World Championship finals. If you believe a member is evading a ban please file a ticket under the category Report: Teams that attempt to bypass the censor will be subject to penalties.