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Josh wants to make a documentary for the Puget Sound Film Festival. Hesitantly, Dylan lets Y-record Josh into her A-list world, and is surprised to realize that often nerds could be quite awesome. She expects the movie to help her win Blossom Queen, but she is totally disgusted with the movie after only seeing a bit of it.

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While Dylan leaves for a while to go get something, Josh notices a wall of pictures, one of which has Dylan's mom in it, crowned the Blossom Queen.

Later at the Spring Formal, Dylan shows up wearing her speed date in philadelphia dress, where Lola and Hannah ambush her, pulling her from Amy.

Geek Charming Dylan Schoenfield is a snobbish high-school junior who agrees to be the subject of geeky filmmaker Josh Rosen's documentary in expectation it will enable her to become even hottest girl and win the title of Blossom Queen, without recognizing his plot to make a trechant portrait about her social hierarchy.

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Dylan's other best friend. Josh decides to give himself a challenge, with his topic being popularity, and his subject being Dylan herself.

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David Del Rio as Ari: Your Favorite Modern Family? She gives Dylan a DVD of Josh's "terrible" film and tells her to watch all of it before she decides that her social life is ruined. After a while, Josh reconsiders her as his film subject after she sees the sci-fi movie " Flight of the Navigator " and she joins his club.

Although extremely loyal to Dylan, she thinks Dylan is just a drama queen who stresses too much.

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Dylan's best friend who can sometimes be sweeter than Lola by nature. Dylan allows Josh to enter "the ramp," or the place in the cafeteria where the popular students sit, as a friend rather than a filmmaker.

Canaday and Edward James Hyland. Geek Charming p Movie Free Download HD Popcorns Synopsis To win a school notoriety challenge, a secondary school diva allows a film club cohort to record her mainstream life, yet the film begins archiving her decay.

Geek charming josh and haley kiss Geek charming- Josh full.

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Meanwhile, Josh lands a date with Amy, and she says that Saturday is her day off. A native Texan who moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of acting at the age of 16, Matt Prokop is quickly becoming one of Hollywood's hottest, most- coveted young stars.

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Historian and television presenter Dan Snow described the show's modus operandi as "one step above Blackadderbut that's fine However, Sunset's demon form appears more monstrous: Hannah is described as extremely intelligent in the book and wants to get into a decent college, making her a bit of a nerd herself.

She has the coolest beau, the most famous companions, and a fresh out of the plastic new it pack that everybody pines for, yet when she coincidentally hurls her Serge Sanchez sack into a wellspring, this princess encounters her very own frog — self-maintained film nerd Josh Rosen.

Geek Charming Cast Dating

Jimmy Bellinger as Steven: She has the coolest boyfriend, the most popular friends, and a brand-new it bag that everyone covets. Andrew Airlie as Alan Schoenfield: In a flashback in Celestial AdvicePrincess Celestia gets worried that Twilight might meet a manticore if she sends her to Ponyville.

He promises to attend the Mathlete Scavenger hunt the following Saturday.

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Andrea Brooks as Nicole Patterson: Jordan Jedediah Nichols as Asher Dumentz: When the audience laughs at Dylan's behavior towards the beginning of Josh's film, dubbed "The Popularity Project", Dylan runs out crying as Josh runs after her.

However, this leads to Josh "firing" her, having a heated argument about whose movie it is.

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The head cheerleader at Woodlands Academy, she lands Asher from Dylan and thinks that Dylan is no match for her popularity. At first he wants to make a film about robots and aliens, but his film teacher recommends him to do another genre if he wants to win the film festival.

However when Dylanis so-called king charming of a boyfriend places her level, her living and her social rank concerns a halt that is crashing. She mentions her appreciation towards Amy for being her friend, and thanks Josh.

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Amy and Dylan do however reconnect in the end.