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If it is first incubated with a cellular extract of proteins or with purified proteinany protein-DNA complexes will migrate slower than the naked DNA - a shifted band. They can form between a short strand and a long strand containing a region complementary to the short one.

By definition, a "response element" is a portion of a gene which must be present in order for that gene to respond to some hormone or other stimulus. The term "clone" indicates that this cDNA has been spliced into a plasmid or other vector in order to propagate it.

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A plasmid of 40 kb is very difficult to put into bacteria, but can replicate once there. Actually, this is often just a buzz-word for regulation of the stability of the protein.

For example, the rapid degradation of an mRNA will reduce the amount of protein arising from it. Molecular weight size marker: See "RNase protection assay". Typically used to "walk" from a starting point towards some nearby gene in order to clone that gene. stats and valuation

Once that first AUG is recognized, the pattern of triplet groupings follows unambiguously. If a sample contains fragments at four different discrete sizes, those four size classes will, when subjected to electrophoresis, all migrate in groups, producing four migrating "bands".

It might be a homopolymer ' Generally synonymous with "hybridize". Next, you ask the DNA Synthesis Facility to make an oligonucleotide complementary to the 5'-most region of receptores olfativos yahoo dating coding strand and thus complementary to the mRNA.

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The real trick is to find the one you want out of that mess - a process called screening see "Screening". A very difficult technique, rarely applied appropriately from what I understand.

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A normal cell has many "proto-oncogenes" which serve normal functions, and which under the right circumstances can be activated to become oncogenes. If you receive a clone from a collaborator, you should first figure out if they send you DNA or bacteria. Exons may include coding sequences, the 5' untranslated region or the 3' untranslated region.

A small piece of synthetic double-stranded DNA which contains something useful, such as a restriction site. If we shift the grouping again, we will just get the first reading frame again. See discussion under "Sense strand".

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A newer variant for characterizing ChIP results, one can simply sequence everything that immunoprecipitated with the antibody. Fluid wicks from the gel through the blotting membrane to several layers of absorbent paper, but the nucleic acids stick to the membrane. Care must be taken, however, to use species in which the function of the gene has not diverged excessively, or the outcome will be uninformative.

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A primer which sticks to the template is therefore used to initiate the replication. You screen a genomic library for all clones hybridizing with the probe, and then figure out which one extends furthest into the surrounding DNA.

It is NOT part of a promoter; the basic difference being that an enhancer can be moved around anywhere in the general vicinity of the gene within several thousand nucleotides on either side or even within an intronand it will still function.

These are plasmids carrying a phage l cos site which allows packaging into l capsidsan origin of replication and an antibiotic resistance gene. The glossary system allows you to export entries from any secondary glossary to the main one of the course.

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FAQ - Useful for displaying lists of frequently asked questions. The protein of interest could for example be a transcription factor, or a specific modified histone, or any other DNA binding protein. See Chromatin Immuniprecipitation below.

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A DNA open reading frame: To "anneal" two strands is the same as to "hybridize" them. It can even be clipped out and spliced back in backwards, and will still operate.

The glucocorticoid receptor is essentially a transcription factor which is activated only in the presence of glucocorticoids. One strain, K, has been completely sequenced. Several uses, all nouns. A gene which encodes a protein will, when expressed, be transcribed and translated to produce that protein.

This usage might therefore include the promoter region of the second gene. The presence of a bound protein prevents DNase from "nicking" that region, which can be detected by an appropriately designed gel.

It may be coloured of coloureless. In PFGE, the electrophoretic voltage is applied alternately along two perpendicular axes, which forces even the larger DNA fragments to separate by size. A probe can be radiolabeled, or tagged with another functional group such as biotin. In this variant, the DNA isolated from a ChIP experiment is characterized by labeling it with a fluorescent dye, then hybrizidizing it to a DNA array an oligonucleotide array, for example.

This "primer" is hybridized to mRNA say, a mixture of mRNA containing the one in which you are interestedand reverse transcriptase is added to copy the mRNA from the primer out to the 5' end. Any process occurring after transcription which affects the amount of protein a gene produces.

In eukaryotes, the cap site is the position in the gene at which transcription starts, and really should be called the "transcription initiation site".

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This would be done in order to use the resultant "hot" DNA as a probe. A unit of DNA which performs one function. Location of IR-absorbing and IR-reflecting inks on the banknote.

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A binding site in a promoter to which the activated glucocorticoid receptor can bind. Deoxyribonuclease, a class of enzymes which digest DNA.

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Due to polymerase slip a. The high relief image is applied by intaglio. Although two individuals of the same species have almost identical genomes, they will always differ at a few nucleotides.