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In Dubai, married women often keep their surnames. The same rule applies to sharing a hotel room. Are MiStay hotels safe and secure for couples? While many Dubai hotels are likely to turn a blind eye to the issue, you still should take precautions about what you do and say. Good hotels for unmarried couples in bangalore dating knowing this, being on alert is always recommended.

Delightful hotel experience We only partner with the best hotels. Also, because of the diverse portfolio of hotels under our umbrella we are able to fulfil the need for different types of customer apart from the aforementioned like - Backpackers who are more inclined towards sightseeing online dating avoiding meeting understanding the local culture and tradition and need the hotel room just to spend the night and have a good sleep.

I have never experienced or heard any issue about unmarried couples staying together in Dubai. This is based on the Tawajed clause, which states that people of opposite sex cannot be alone together unless they're married or are family. Will I be charged extra if I bring a visitor along with me just for few hours?

Regulations Islamic law prohibits unmarried couples from living together. MiStay over the time has built a large network of hotels with a considerable number of couple friendly hotels also partnering with us.

Frequently Asked Questions What are the payment options available while booking a hotel online on MiStay? Staying in apartment also has some advantages and disadvantages. If there is no mention of restrictions related to allowing local IDs or unmarried couples in the hotel policy section of hotel profile page in our website, it means those hotels accept local ids or unmarried couples.

Islamic law still is observed there, but the tourism industry also is very powerful. Tips to Stay Together in a Hotel at Dubai The best tip probably would be to keep away from the trouble which can drive attention towards you.

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You don't have to check-out at 11 am if your flight is late in the evening. There are 2 situations here: All the above conditions apply equally well while booking an hourly hotel room through MiStay. However, if the mode of payment is pay at hotel then there will be a free cancellation.

Leisure travellers who want to experience the royal hospitality of 5-star luxury hotels.

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If you guys believe that you are calm couple, you will not having any problem in Dubai. Whether it be lazy sundays or valentine day couple retreat.

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We make sure that requisite quality standards are maintained at our partner hotels so as to provide an enriching and satisfying stay for the guests. You are assured to enjoy a high-class hospitality and build lots of great memories to cherish.

All the hotels we partner with, understand Indian jurisdiction and abide it with the utmost respect. Companies like StayUncle, LuvStay are specifically targeted at providing hotels for unmarried couples. Practical Applications Most Dubai hotels don't enforce the "only married couples" rule.

Police in Dubai generally nice. Can couples book a hotel through MiStay? For some, it will even cost canceling their dream holiday in Dubai.

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Well, this is the most bothering question especially for unmarried couples. List of hotels that you can safely stay together in Dubai: How do you pronounce MiStay? How can corporate travellers benefit by booking hourly basis hotels on MiStay?

We primarily target business travellers or people in transit who need a room for few hours in Hotels near Airport or Railway Station.

What is the cancellation policy at MiStay? You can have unlimited party in your flat with your visitors as long as you are not disturbing your neighbors.

Only pay for time you stay

In theory, hotels should also not call you a cab or help you book a tour in which you will be alone with your partner. Be aware of your surroundings. They can experience this by booking room by hours through MiStay luxury hotel partners.

If you rent some locations that crime rates are high, you have great chance to be visited by police. This is unlikely to happen in the hotel and more likely to happen in public places like restaurants or shopping centers.

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The right to admission of whether to allow local ID holders, unmarried couples always lies with hotels. They are seems to be more secure and they will not allowed anyone to damage their reputation. Also offering rooms by hour comes with operational challenges and logistical complexities.

Here is an example to understand well.

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Not only deportation will implement, but also various prison penalties may sentence. At Mistay you pay only for the time you stay at the hotel. They can make advance payment through the card debit as well as creditnet-banking or third party wallet.

That means thousands of visitors arrive to Dubai every week, many of whom are unmarried. Different hotels have different cancellation policies with hotels deducting a particular percent of your total booking price based on the time you will cancel your confirmed booking before check-in.

If you still have some question marks or hesitation, here are some hotels where you can stay with your spouse safely in Dubai.

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MiStay is short for Micro Stay. Ways to Stay Together in Dubai Hotels When you are at check in counter, introduce yourself as husband and wife instead of boyfriend and girlfriend.

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These regulations can vary from state to state. But we understand that flexible hotel room booking is a requirement for any traveller.

If the hotel charges the same rate for single occupancy as well as double occupancy rooms then you can book the double occupancy room and the visitor will not be charged any amount as the guest has already paid for the same.

Student travellers who travel to different cities for writing the test or hunting for jobs and require room for few hours to get ready. If you're staying at a hotel with a lot of Muslim visitors, it's always possible for them to alert the authorities about inappropriate behavior. Why pay for entire day if you use the hotel only for few hours?

If the police then discover you're not married, you might be in legal trouble. The same will be mentioned in the cancellation policy section of hotel profile page on our website.

Luxury hotels, which often cater to foreigners, are especially relaxed, so chances are you won't have trouble booking a room. At check-in, you'll be required to show your passport, but having different surnames won't raise any eyebrows.