Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Yahoo release NSA snooping stats – Naked Security Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Yahoo release NSA snooping stats – Naked Security

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The Snowden leaks made waves among a number of Silicon Valley heavyweights upon their publication, as they implied to critics that private customer data google yahoo facebook nsa hookups ripe for the taking.

We are outraged at the lengths to which the government seems to have gone to intercept data from our private fiber networks, and it underscores the need for urgent reform. The agency's Fort Meade, Maryland, headquarters received , such records in the 30 days preceding the top-secret January 9,accounting on which The Post's report is based, according to the newspaper.

NSA The data's subject to a six month reporting delay, and the providers still can't be specific about the number of requests.

Microsoft had less than 1, and Facebook also received less than 1, demands.

Google, Yahoo, Facebook & Microsoft Reveal NSA Spying Request Data | The Escapist

With so many changes taking place on Yahoo's platform, many users of Yahoo services such as Flickr or Fantasy Football are finding it difficult to understand if and how their various online IDs apply to different services.

This is only the beginning for Yahoo, though. We believe the Constitution requires that our government seek information from American companies within the rule of law. Selector is a spy term that indicates a search term, such as an email address or a screenname, that serves as a proxy for an individual user.

Google says it received black women dating chinese men between 9, to 10, demands in the same period. Companies like Google that operate Internet services — including email, online document and photo storage and search queries — send huge amounts of data through fiber-optic lines between their data centers around the world.

Google legal director Richard Salgado said in a blog post that in spite of the new disclosure rules, Google would much rather publish more data: Specifically, we want to disclose the precise numbers and types of requests we receive, as well as the number of users they affect in a timely way.


This article will explain how to sign in to Yahoo services using a Facebook or Gmail account. But unlike domestic programs that fall under restrictions imposed by law and the oversight of a secret court, surveillance conducted overseas falls under an executive order with less restrictive standards, The Post reported.

So, I don't know what the report is," Alexander said. The latest unsealed court documents appear to suggest that Silicon Valley is striving to strike a balance between its cooperation with government requests and the appearance that they are complicit in unfettered data collection.

NSA chief addresses report agency taps into Google, Yahoo data links - CNN

While the NSA has owned up to its programsthere is no confirmation about any financial relationship existing between the agency and these companies, except from the one they themselves are telling the world about. None of them can be entirely candid, since there are constraints on the information they divulge.

Even the number of requests are required to be vague, listed by a range in the thousands instead of a specific number. Privacy You can turn the social features on or off at any time "Facebar" The killer feature of Yahoo's Facebook integration is the "facebar," which shows what your friends have been reading just by clicking their profile photos.

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Taking Google as an example, in July to December it reports requests, but those requests affected somewhere between 12, to 13, accounts. Soon after the initial leaks, major U.

The company also received requests for so-called non-content data, such as the identity and the location of users, from accounts. Yahoo reports content requests for somewhere between 30, to 40, user accounts, from January to June Namely, the Obama administration said that new data disclosure rules allow internet companies to give customers an idea of how often government demands their information.

We still believe more transparency is needed so everyone can better understand how surveillance laws work and decide whether or not they serve the public interest.

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In a statement, the NSA said "the assertion that we collect vast quantities of U. Google and Yahoo's figure is higher because some of the requests affected more than one account. Government should allow Yahoo and other tech companies to disclose more about the volume, scope and type of National Security Letters NSLs they receive.

They're unable to disclose precise numbers or types of request, and the data is subject to a six month delay before it can be reported.

Report: NSA Intercepts Google, Yahoo - Tasnim News Agency

Asked about the report by a Bloomberg Television reporter who interviewed him on stage at the conference, Alexander denied breaking into servers or databases run by Internet companies. Yahoo believes that Facebook integration is good for business as well — it will lead to higher engagement, the struggling Internet giant argues.

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All Flickr or Fantasy Sports account holders must transition to a Yahoo account in order to continue accessing those services. Have the new rules gotten us closer to having an idea of how much of our data the NSA is demanding? Those data centers are kept highly secure using heat-sensitive cameras and biometric authentication, and companies believed the data flowing among centers was secure.

Microsoft said in a statement that it only complies with court orders because it is legally ordered to, and not because it is reimbursed for the work. This widget lets you see a history of what you've read and gives you options for removing different stories from your Yahoo News feed and turning the social features off altogether.

Google has "long been concerned about the possibility of this kind of snooping, which is why we have continued to extend encryption across more and more Google services and links," said David Drummond, Google's chief legal officer.

Clicking on any of these faces will bring up their recent activity. Unfortunately, the tech companies are in a situation akin to that of police officers telling people to move along, please, folks.

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That number ticked up into the range of between 5, and 5, user accounts during the first half of You can sign in to your account by simply entering your non-Yahoo email address into the Yahoo ID field when logging in with your new password. Even if there is no account, the request is still part of the count.

NSA collection activities abroad face fewer legal restrictions and less oversight than its actions in the United States. Microsoft received fewer than 1, FISA orders seeking the disclosure of customer content.

Yahoo said in a statement it only requests reimbursement that is consistent with the law, citing a Federal law that requires the government to reimburse providers the cost they incur to respond to compulsory legal process imposed by the government.

There is also now a "You on Yahoo News" widget that sits to the right of the content.

NSA chief addresses report that agency taps into Google, Yahoo data links

The digital media company is also integrating Facebook with IntoNowa mobile app that "listens to" and tags TV shows the company acquired IntoNow earlier this year. Along with greater levels of encryption, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo say they are striving to provide better transparency reports to customers.

The secret court — known as the FISA court after the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act — last week made public a letter [ PDF ] sent to the tech companies from deputy attorney general James Cole that outlined paths to greater surveillance transparency.

October, 31, - Every six months, companies can now publish reports listing how many thousand National Security Letters NSLs they receive.

The report raised concerns from Google and Yahoo, with the Internet behemoths saying they never gave the NSA permission to access communication links to their servers. Follow the link in the password reset email to create a new password. We are outraged at the lengths to which the government seems to have gone to intercept data from our private fiber networks, and it underscores the need for urgent reform.

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