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She answers no, then asks if Vanessa knows the girl that just tried to kiss him.

Dr Strangelove

He also tells her that he's follows her from afar, including seeing her steal the horse from the polo match in Reversals of Fortune. She then instructs Dorota to throw out a gossip girl dr estrangeloved online dating labeled "Old Life", inside which Dorota finds a photo of Blair and Chuck, along with any significant belongings that related to their relationship.

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He asks Serena what she's doing there, and she explains that she came to apologize for not hearing him out earlier but regrets it now. They hug, and he leaves. Edit When Lily's ex-husband, Dr.

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However, Blair's happiness soon turns to her typical feelings of betrayal and jealousy when Serena moves into the spotlight and Blair finds herself back in Serena's shadow.

She explains that making him jealous with a stranger isn't a good way to move on and one day she won't feel the need to play games with him anymore because she really has gotten over everything.

She begins to understand that he forgot how to be a father, and then William spots Rufus at the front desk. She goes to get drinks and Nate voices his disdain qfiab online dating Chuck inviting her to come with them because she's just a kid.

A Shot in the Dark

Lily also says she just had her six month check up and everything is looking good so far. She asks a cater waiter if he would date her, since she invited a dozen eligible bachelors that didn't come.

She then goes upstairs to freshen up and Rufus asks William to leave. Serena jumps in and says they should stay with William, because he's already cured her once and is family.

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After they talk for a little bit, she leans over to try and kiss him. Shocked, Dan congratulates her and tells her he's glad for her. They begin to talk, and then she notices Chuck with another girl.

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He tells Willa one last time to call her father and follows Jenny, asking if Rufus knows she's there. He admits he couldn't blame her for wanting consistency, and he never meant to abandon them forever.

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Chuck tells the two of them to go ahead and leave because he wants to stick around. While they talk, they both see Vanessa being told something by Willa.

She also mentions that her dad was on the admissions committee and he was their second choice candidate. She replies that everything he has said to do has worked, and Rufus doesn't object.

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At the party, Blair arrives with Dan and Vanessa. The twisted and vindictive Blair, with Chuck's help, uncovers a scandalous secret about Serena that may not remain a secret much longer which involves Eric whom is still hold-ed up in the sanatorium.

At the bar, Blair meets a guy named Cameron who attends Columbia. Serena decides not to go either, so her grandmother, CeCe, shows up to change her mind. He assures her that she has nothing to worry about since she wrote an original piece, but she asks why he didn't tell her he wasn't okay with her at Tisch.

Lily agrees with Serena, and Rufus grudgingly agrees if it's what Lily wants.

Send Me No Flowers

She tells him that Serena is back in town, to which he replies she might actually have a chance now. She hands her the shirt to return to Nate but Serena tells her to keep it, since she'll probably see him before she does. Nate then comes up and says he's ready to go.

Rufus apologizes for her having to go through being sick alone, and she asks to be treated normally and for them to not tell anyone else. He says that he was planning to give her a big speech on regret, but now he thinks there's a purpose in Lily reaching out and asking for his help.

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But before she can say anything important, Jenny loudly tells Nate that Chuck wants them to do shots. He suggests they go get banana splits, but then apologizes for trying to know her because he really doesn't.

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Serena asks if everything Jenny said was true, and Nate says that he really does hate that she doesn't tell him everything, like the time she left with Carter. Glad he took the news so well, Vanessa agrees to go with him. She tells him that nothing explains his absence the last fourteen years, and he replies that it didn't happen the way she thinks it did.

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Unbeknownst to both of them, Jenny overhears the whole argument. She apologizes for not telling him about looking for her father, but he knows she didn't leave with Carter because she left a message with Jenny explaining everything.

Jenny asks why he's telling her that, and he says that he wants Nate to be the way he was before he started dating Serena. Although Blair makes it perfectly clear that outsiders are not welcome, a disguised Jenny and Dan sneak into the ball.

She walks off, and Vanessa asks Dan if she's sure he wants to be there. She listens intently, and then shares what happened in her life since he left.