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Also he's talking voice is really attractive too!!! He's also just such a genuinely super nice person!! I speak from expierence I know 3 but still it's hard!!

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The repertoire ranged from Disney covers to jazz standards to covers made famous on Glee to his original music which for me was the best part. Also his facial expressions give me so much joy!! He's adorable and so talented with such a passion for everything he does! It's got to be said that Darren is super sweet and charming, and is one of the more gracious musicians I've had the pleasure of seeing.

Idk why but it's kind of extremely cute!!!

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His hair is also super fantastically on point all the time!! I've been a fan since A Very Potter Musical and was excited, but I wasn't expecting such a great, varied performance. Would absolutely recommend, and if you can get to see him with a stand-up general admission sort of venue so much the better.

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He may be a star at this point, but he was down to earth and humble, and that was nice. Also he's absolutely stunning at Dancing, acting, and literally everything else!!

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No matter what hairstyle wether it's the hippie fro or the slick Blaine style or short curly is the best too!! Wth Darren you sing so freaking incredibly!!

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Darren switched from guitar to piano and back; there was something for everyone. He also hits those high notes really well!! And you sing while playing instruments and now if you've ever tried which I did today.

I also love it when he paints his nails!! This made this super special but not unique - inviting Starkid and Glee costars to join in is a recurring feature of his concerts and is very possible if you're going to see him.

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He's also - as should be obvious from his theater and TV performances - got a ton of presence and had the whole crowd under his thumb whether getting everyone dancing or talking seriously about society.

He's so freaking goofy and funny and comfortable in himself and he has an amazing confidence but at the same time he still has this fantastic humble attitude!! You know like 3 languages fluently especially Italian which you also sing in Italian as well and that's freaking incredible!!

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