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So, you can take your time… GH — Boxers, I wear boxers. They were all thinkers. And, you know, and just kind of did my thing. None of us do it alone, of course, so who are some of the people that have helped you along the way?

GH — We filmed… it came out inyeah, so ten years ago.


The actor recently held a conference call with executive producer J. FF — Yeah, wow. FF — Right, right, right. GH — Definitely Kathy Carpenter, my agent. My parents were flirty coworker ecards parents. When several werewolves turn up dead, she returns to Stonehaven to defend her greyston holt dating against this mysterious threat.

I was young and angsty, maybe not quite as introverted as Ray Junior, and then when I booked Stargate I was craving some work, it had been a dry period for myself and I was coming into my own, physically.

They just have - their rods and cones are as such that they really don't see any reds and browns.

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And we played on them a lot. When we started filming the first season. And then, you know, this Clayton character has this, you know, this kind of instant switch to rage at points. So that was fun and challenging to find that.

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You know, it's just a suggestive type of thing reading a book and, you know, people's opinions in your personal opinions. And I kind of was skimming through Savage as we were filming a little bit too. Sugar Talk Syfy's Bitten Close.

So it's a very contentious subject with bookies so.

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Greyston Holt teased that he had a good reason for doing that to Elena, which fans will find out about later this season. So… it takes a village. Sugar first spoke about the biggest production challenged he was faced with on the show, how to portray the characters in wolf form.

And that's definitely something that you'll be seeing more of throughout the season.

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And so we played around with that a lot, especially when we kind of first meet each other, you know, just really assessing each other out and feeling their energy and playing off that. That was my first large role. But, you know, there's complications in the werewolf world.

So by the end of it you're just dead. So that was really fun. And, you know, you get the draft from source material a little bit.

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We had - I mean our rehearsals would be eight hours, nine hours sometimes. Great, we have that out of the way, but here comes the real difficult question.

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FF — You wear boxers? But yes, and it was fun. When did you first meet? You know, and they're all fun challenges. And by casting such great actors in crafting such great characters, are writing came - really kind of really helped bolster that dynamic and that push and pull of the two worlds.

And she will definitely be appearing throughout the season.

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I did a film called Lonesome Dove Churchshot it almost two years ago. FF — All right. And I did a little research, you know, watching wolves and how they can just switch into this aggressive mode and fast.

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GH — Yes and no. Sugar also talked about the "wolf vision" used when these characters transform into werewolves.

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So, here comes the difficult question that all of our interview guests get to answer: And then, you know, down to the fight sequences we did.

I've never been in a fight in my life. The series centers on Elena Laura Vandervoortthe world's only female werewolf who leaves her homeland of Stonehaven to create a new life.

Sugar also commented on the Diane Natalie Brown character, the sister of Elena's human boyfriend Philip Paul Greenewho will be coming back throughout the season. Can you tell us a little bit about how you perceive your own growth as an actor, looking at these three stations in your life?

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It you know, this was kind of a bit of a learning curve for me because there were some, you know, pretty long and intricate fight sequences that were created by our stunt coordinator, John Stead. And in most of the talents of a visual site from Vancouver called Atmosphere.

Durham Countyof course, Stargate Universe and most recently Motive.