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Naru in episode 21 while Keitaro is on a date with Mutsumi. Love Hina, Volume A timid year-old girl who dabbles in conspiracy theories, Ema hopes to get into Tokyo University so she can improve her life and have people notice her. While run from Naru, Keitaro crash in Kitsune's boobs.

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In the anime, she is first introduced as a grieving girl who has run away from home due to domestic turmoil; however, in the manga, she is already at the Hinata Inn when Keitaro arrives and her parents are still together. But Tama's friendship with her is as strong as ever. He is taller, wearing tiny round glasses, and enters a university before Shirai or Keitaro.

Motoko is also the next in line to inherit the Aoyama family's Kyoto dojo as she is not married.

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While her usual appearance is that of a very proper lady well versed koek happen dating Japanese culture, she sometimes has the eyes of a demon and becomes extremely violent. Her best friend is Naru.

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Distracted by the Sexy: Shinobu is a boarder at the Hinata Inn, in room She had learned of the stories of how if a couple was to attend Tokyo U together they will find haitani love hina dating and in turn told Keitaro of the story, because she Mutsumi wanted to go to Tokyo U with Keitaro.

Like Shirai, Haitani's primary interests lie in women, relying on his charm to attract female attention, but to no avail. They went on many expeditions together. Abuse, Female on Male: However, as the play progresses and roles are switched, Shirai, Haitani and Kentaro attempt to steal the role of Son Goku from Keitaro.

Shinobu is quite skilled in both cooking and household chores, so she became the resident cook in the anime, her family once owned a restaurant in town prior to their divorce.

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She is also seen drinking a lot. The wholes series can be summed up as A man becomes the Land Lord of an all girls dorm, Hilarity Ensues. She arrives while Keitaro was away in the U.

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Once when Kaolla was a very young girl he promised to marry her, but then he realises that she only sees him as a brother, whereas Amalla is in love with him.

She is also very skilled with firearms, which shows when she shoots Kaolla's missiles at Seta's head after being teased by him.

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Her relationship with Keitaro initially resembles Naru's relationship with him in some ways; all too often he finds himself on the receiving end of various attacks as a result of his frequent mishaps or simply bad luck. He picks up on it quickly, but assumes a different worst-case scenario than the girls did.

Naru while speaking to Mutsumi has said "What could you possibly see in a guy like that?

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In most situations, his fighting stance is almost an exact mirror of Bruce Lee 's proprietary stance[ citation needed ].

When he tearfully thanks them and mentions his score which is quite high - their concern had made him worry he'd done a terrible jobthey attack him, even though they'd assumed he'd failed, and none of them had bothered to ask him how he did.

Motoko is a resident at the Hinata Inn, living in room Despite initially taking a literally violent dislike to Keitaro, she comes to develop very strong feelings for him.

Masayuki Haitani

Earn Your Happy Ending: In the anime, Motoko is popular at her school for her kendo skills. Averted when Motoko gets a stern warning from the police for hitting a man who supposedly groped her. Motoko and Kanako though she still doesn't take it well that her brother wound up with her rival.

She is popular, beautiful but constantly tries to hide this as she studies to gain entrance to Todai. Nyamo is physically almost identical to Shinobu, except for her darker skin and longer hair.

When they do date, she hits Keitaro occasionally. A Date with Rosie Palms: She has difficulty relating to other people, especially men, whom she finds to be a distraction that keeps her from being able to concentrate fully on her studies and practice.

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Sara and Su eventually become so close they change their hairstyles to match, both of them with two pigtails. At one point in the manga, Mutsumi appears to have lost her memory and begins acting like she did as a child.

She is not active in running the school, having given up the life of the sword for marriage, and it is her duty to hand the school over to Motoko's care when the time comes.