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Entry to the webtoon world can be through Seong-moo's magical tablet, or upon a summoning from the webtoon world or from W's main character Kang Chul Lee Jong-suk.

Yeon-joo was still in the middle of the road when Kang Chul faints due to his injury: He meets Yeon-joo before the guards put him away.

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Kang Chul arrives from the webtoon world and tells Seong-moo that he had brought Yeon-joo to his world in his attempt to revive her, but Yeon-joo unfortunately dies. After revealing to Kang Chul that the world he is living is only that of a webtoon and that he is the main cartoon character, Yeon-joo is summoned back to the real world.

He shoots Yeon-joo, but no gunshot wound manifests on her, making him realize that she is special and needs to be protected. Yeon-joo wants to go back to the real world, but the time inside W noverca roaming dating for two months and once again she meets Kang Chul who is already discharged from the hospital.

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He persuades Yeon-joo to tell the truth so that she can escape from prison. He was amazed to find his drawing already changed by the next day, seeing Kang Chul clinging from the bridge as if he was against the ending Seong-moo wants.

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Back in the real world, the angered Seong-moo sees another spontaneously published episode, depicting the hospital scene and culminating with Yeon-joo kissing Kang Chul. But that's not to say it's always easy for her.

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The gap between the two worlds is closed as Seong-moo's daughter and resident cardiothoracic surgeon Oh Yeon-joo Han Hyo-joo gets dragged into the webtoon world, inciting a series of twisted events. Sometimes he's old and sometimes he is young. He calls Kang Chul and threatens him that Yeon-joo will be his next target.

While arguing with Seong-moo over the phone, Yeon-joo realizes that Seong-moo did not actually draw the episode and he also knew that the webtoon was alive.

Sang-hoon is inadvertently summoned to the real world and kidnaps Yeon-joo, bringing her to the webtoon world as a trap for Kang Chul.

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Meanwhile, Seong-moo, who overhears that Kang Chul was shot, asks be untied and, using the tablet, kills Cheol-ho and spreads the CCTV footage to the authorities. Kang Chul confronts Cheol-ho to save Do-yoon, but Cheol-ho shoots Kang Chul, interrogating him this time about the real and webtoon worlds.

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In his anger and disappointment, Kang Chul shoots Seong-moo. After reading a new chapter of W which portrayed her and Kang Chul in scenes that were exactly the same as what she actually experienced on the penthouse rooftop, Yeon-joo assumes that the webtoon is alive and that she had been dragged into it.

She also draws some tools and medicine so that Kang Chul can treat his gunshot wound.

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Unbeknownst to her, Seong-moo arrives, sees her attempting to cross the road towards Kang Chul, and whispers his farewell for her just before he completely vanishes. Soon after, the last episode of W begins, instantaneously transporting Kang Chul, Yeon-joo, and Seong-moo back into the webtoon.

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Yeon-joo is brought to the hospital and is already dying. To find out which stars she kissed and who she didn't, check out the film when it is released on August 20, "The Beauty Inside" is adapted from a U. While drawing, Seong-moo discovers that he is slowly disappearing due to him being the alter ego of the already dead Sang-hoon.

She collapses while staying in the same spot, just as she sees a figure approach her. Afterwards, Seong-moo is discharged and flies to New Zealand to rest.

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Seong-moo also revealed to Kang Chul that his essence will slowly disappear unless he does anything evil like Sang-hoon. Suddenly, a rectangular portal opens, through which Kang Chul enters, for the first time, the real world. He meets Yeon-joo in her hospital and tells her how much he regretted learning the truth about his identity and his world.

The Murderer also threatens Seong-moo, while in flight en route to New Zealand, to draw him a face and an identity.

Yeon-joo and Soo-bong try to find Seong-moo to no avail. The only constant in his life is Yi Soo, who loves him regardless. He also commands Seong-moo to break his own tablet. Later, Soo-bong calls Yeon-joo that Seong-moo plans again to kill Kang Chul, who is confined in the hospital.

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BY Julie Jones Aug 06, Meanwhile, Sang-hoon conspires with Cheol-ho to put an end to Kang Chul. His fame gets ruined when his entire family was killed by an unknown Murderer and gets falsely accused of the crime.

Kang Chul confronts Seong-moo, who undermines him for his status of being "just a cartoon character". He deduces it was Seong-moo who freed him from prison using the replica of the tablet, and finds him in his hideout tied up by himself.


After three years, Kang Chul is then released from imprisonment. One night, he receives a suspicious phone call and gets severely injured by the same mysterious Murderer at the rooftop of his penthouse.

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He lures Cheol-ho into bringing the tablet to the hospital. Nevertheless, to Seong-moo's great horror, the webtoon fights back the ending he wants and Kang Chul narrowly evades the oncoming truck. He learns that, upon entry to the webtoon world, Seong-moo began suffering from a condition similar to a multiple personality disorder.

She deduces that she can only leave the webtoon world based also on Kang Chul's change in feelings.