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She is an honest, hard-working, talented woman of strong character and principles. I have more than 10 schedule books, and more journals I have written since I was little.

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Not sure what the future holds for her, but I am sure of one thing I will be watching You never know if you will like it. Like an affectionate doggy? But I will try it again. It is a kind of A funny story, the biggest burden for me is when I pick what I want to eat on the menu.

Han Seung Yeon’s Boyfriend

Of course, I want it to be done well. I hear that a lot, completely not true. D, Click B, Sechs Kies, who are broken up, are getting back together again. What kind of man are you attracted to in real life?

When I sign as well. But previously, I planned all my moves while I memorized the script.

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Like you were a prima donna? If that person is funny and leads me well, that would be the best. At our company retreat. We had two restrooms, but with five girls, a lot of things accumulated here and there so we always tripped… Sometimes I remember those things.

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Ah, I like fountain pens as well. In addition, I never went to a club.

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I want to appear pretty in my drama. Why did Ye-eun meet a boyfriend like that? When you are in the share house with the other actors, I guess it reminds you of that time. Those things are more fun for me.

Han Seung-yeon

However, it is my first drama with a lot of other girls who are of a similar age to me. What do you also do well?

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Hmm… I thought about it just now. It is embarrassing, but it is. The youngest child who is full of bluffing, using her mom as a milk cow and she is always in trouble. Because I have the worst of the worst penmanship. If we only talk about the news articles, there are no good replies just as always.

Before Fame

I made the soju cocktail very strong because I thought someone else would drink it. Because she makes nasty faces all the time? That is the advantage of working solo. I am trying to cut them at least until filming ends.

I drank a lot and played games. I seldom skip my exercises and I have a good diet as well since I decided to do them diligently.