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The male form used in these cases always relates equally to the female gender. The system then shows you only services of particular interest to new residents.

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In what ways can the content hausaufgabenhilfe online dating sorted? You can thus see at a glance the type of information to which each tile relates. Another way of refining your search is to select one or more of the other options, e.

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Gender disclaimer To make this site easier to read we have avoided any gender-specific form of words in headings, summaries and links. Of course, you can also click a content type without selecting any filter.

The guide is designed in such a way that visitors to the site can determine for themselves which items of content are visible.

To enable your chosen filters and sub-filters you click on them. How do I combine filters and content types? At the top of the hausaufgabenhilfe online dating a sophie lowe dating function is also provided.

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For the options you use the checkboxes on the dropdown menus. News items are orange, events are red, available services are blue, and so on. Those selected are then highlighted blue. The search function encompasses both the titles of the individual articles and the key words assigned to them.

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Alternatively enter appropriate search terms in the search box at the top of the page, e. Each content type has its own icon and its own colour. You can combine the filters and sub-filters with a content type.

You can sort the content alphabetically or by date. What others ways are there to search for content? Another way of searching for items of content is to enter search terms directly into the search box at the top of the website.

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How do I enable or disable filters and options? The size of the circles relates to the number of items of content for that location.

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By using thematic filters and choosing types of content, you can reduce the number of matches and thus find the information you want faster. What do the icons and colours mean?

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All content indexed via the site guide is assigned a content type. However, you can also press the Enter key and then get a complete list of matches for your search term.

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Clicking them again disables them. The colour of the circles shown corresponds to the content type colours see above. By pressing the Enter key you get shown the full results of your search. As well as the tile view, you can also have the contents displayed as a compact list.

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To do that, please click the list view icon immediately above the tiles. If you want to refine your search further, select a content type as well, e. Help Tips for using the site guide The site guide section offers you an overview of information available on the subject of integration and diversity in Frankfurt am Main.

Even as you type you get shown a list of suggested matches.

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Even as you type, the system shows you a list of possible matches, on which you then merely need to click. How do I switch between tile and list view?