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Status Quo Is God: Bodo's Yes, that's the dog! He then proceeds to appoint Herbert as his heir, including his job and the hand of his daughter Tommie, regarding friends of his sister Carmen. The Cologne dialect in this case. Makielski; the problem is that Dieter only sees a Pointy-Haired Boss in him.

Most of the time, he either wears his janitor coat or his club uniform, a visual cue to his two obsessions.

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Dieter wants them to be kicked out of the house, because he rightly suspects them to possess marihuna marijuana, but he never actually finds evidence of this. In Dieter's case though, this fracciones comunes yahoo dating justified: But one cue takes the cake: Dieter interprets this as a veiled invitation for sexual intercoursewhile in fact it was meant literally.

Most importantly, he is turning all kinds of verbs into Unsound Effects. Considering some of the things that Dieter has done, he should have been fired a dozen times over.

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Dieter needs a very long time to realize that the new neighbours one of them very Camp Gay are homosexual. And in one episode, she even runs around in the apartment corridors in only her underwear.

While the uniforms worn by the dachshund club members look nothing like Nazi uniforms, there is their ridiculously militaristic and ceremonial behavior. Theiss Titillation Theory tends to apply to most of Carmen's outfits.

Hausmeister Krause - Ordnung muss sein

The Von Trope Family: Dieter can be very hypocritical. Makielski or the president of the dachshund club. Dieter doesn't seem to be very susceptible to everything more subtile than a sledgehammer. In one episode, Mrs.

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Ricken wants Dieter to come over to her place and fix a loose screw. Dieter's modus operandi when dealing with Mr. Putting on the Reich: Many episodes end in outright worst-case scenarios!

In the episode where Lisbeth has a not really rich suitor, Tommie speculates that if she leaves Dieter for this guy, they will soon be named "von Krause"! Naming conventions do not work that way Except for Carmenthere isn't much variation regarding what the characters wear.

Hausmeister Krause - Ordnung muss sein

Not that Makielski didn't try that Karl is only the president of the dachshund club and isn't even the top of the hierarchybut the club members treat him as if he were an actual head of state.

Dieter in one episode. Dieter even sleeps with it. For Dieter and his pals, everything that has to do with dachshunds. Our Presidents Are Different: Stalker with a Crush: Played for laughs with Tommie's unique speech pattern.

Too Dumb to Live: For example by complaining about all the smutty stuff in a porn magazine while carefully studying it.