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The further and faster you push, the more likely you are to end up with a shattered and cowardly front line, ripe for a counter-attack. Just hit the randomize button again if the first map is too weird. Should it have multiplayer? Though it may seem restrictive, these are the choices that make Hex Empire interesting.

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There is only one unit type, though for easy reference, it changes appearance depending on its strength. Hex Empire occupies a comfortable spot between the simplicity of Risk and the number crunching of the Avalon Hill -style board games that inspired this whole soldiers-on-hexagons thing.

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Real strength in this game comes from an almost chess-like approach, with units constantly guarding and reinforcing each other. Do the rules governing the ups and downs of morale seem capricious? Hexagons tile well, you see, and they look nice with doodles of rivers and mountain ranges between them.

But Hex Empire lets you jump right into battle without much fuss, and offers enough tactical depth to be addictive even after several wars have ended. Your main restriction is that you can only move five units per turn, though you will quickly find yourself with more than five groups of soldiers.

You do have to pay attention to the numbers, and even add them together occasionally, but moving a squadron just comes down to two mouse clicks.

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The downside is that awkward maps are common, granting unfair advantages to some factions and mucking things up with large bodies of water. A unit's maximum physical strength is always 99, but in a battle between two maxed-out squads, the more courageous one will always win.

They are pointy, but not so much that you need to wear goggles while working with them, like you do with squares or triangles.

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If you find a particularly fun one, you can write down its ID number and revisit it freely. A bit of a treat, really.

Hex empire 3

There's a distinct and relaxing drumbeat to it, once you get the feel. The five-move restriction, and the way your fighting units degrade quickly in battle, forces you to strategize instead of simply expanding as quickly as possible.

Your objective is to capture the capital cities of your enemies. Dash them with pepper, and they taste good on a hamburger bun.

Hex Empire 3: Peace is too much effort | Pocket Tactics

The other factor is morale. The map is littered with smaller cities and coastal ports, and generally speaking, it is a good idea to control as many of these as possible.

It's up to you whether you spend your precious five turns consolidating weaker units into more intimidating ones, or pushing the battlefront forward. In other words, it's a casual turn-based strategy war game, pitting you against three computer-controlled armies in a battle for dominion over a randomly-generated plot of land.

This is a good game for fans of Risk and Dice Warsfor strategists who like to compare numbers but dislike the fuddy-duddiness of unit weaknesses and initiative and terrain bonuses.

About Hex Empires: Grave Consequences

Winning or losing battles directly affects the strength of your army, so much that a losing battle can be reversed sometimes through a series of demoralizing surgical strikes. The name refers to hexagons, the traditional battleground of the pen-and-paper wargamer. At the end of each turn, each city in your territory will generate a unit 10 soldiers strong, while ports and the rest of your occupied land add soldiers to your cities randomly.

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Comments Views 17, Hex Empireunfortunately, is not about an ancient land of witches turning each other into mules and spiders. Replayability comes from the random map layouts.

Could it use more variety?