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High-temperature furnace generator hookup, graphite hot zone

O-ring seals are Viton. Since helium is a better thermal conductor than argon or nitrogen, greater heat losses will occur when using helium. Larger diameter models with stainless steel shells are also available.

This allows for heating element aging and other factors.

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The hot zone has straight-through access for convenient loading from either end. The long-life graphite element can be high-temperature furnace generator hookup in 10 minutes or less without special tools. This means that more power must be used with helium to achieve a given temperature than with argon or nitrogen.

Operating vacuums in the torr range 0.

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High-purity graphite felt retained by a solid-wall graphite tube. More rapid cooling can be achieved by increasing gas flow into the furnace chamber or adding the optional cooling chamber accessory. Sight hearths in both ends of the furnace serve as thermal baffles and in the vertical position will support the work.

One radial port is equipped with a 16mm. All maximum temperatures listed can be maintained in ultra-high purity helium gas under ideal conditions.

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A mechanical vacuum purge pump is recommended for evacuating the furnace prior to process atmosphere backfill. The addition of optional muffle tub assemblies permits working in oxidizing or wet reducing atmospheres compatible with aluminum oxide.

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The graphite furnace requires a protective vacuum or dry inert or reducing atmosphere during operation. Additional radial ports can be optionally added to the standard furnace. The shell and bulkheads have integral water-cooling passages. An elevator attached to the furnace permits smooth raising and lowering of the furnace bottom door and work support hearth.

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Power connections are at one end of the furnace through radially mounted, water-cooled copper feedthroughs, providing unimpeded access to the bulkheads and doors. The tray bolts to either end hearth and maintains axial view or instrumentation access through its attachment.

A panel meter indicates secondary voltage and current. The water should be filtered if it contains sand or other solid matter. All other ports are plugged but will accept the addition of optional sight windows, thermocouples, pyrometers, feedthroughs, and valved adapters.

Power supplies have ample reserves to compensate for the additional power required by increased heat losses due to gas convection and to the eventual degradation of the radiation shields. The bulkheads are hard-anodized aluminum or nickel-plated copper based on model and the doors are nickel-plated copper.

Full length, very uniform hot zones can be provided for specific operating conditions upon special order. High-pressure construction to ASME standards for pressure vessels. Windows can be added to any port for viewing the hot zone interior.

Special models are available with hot zone lengths to 36 inches mm. Electrical connection between the feedthroughs and the element is made by simple internal clamp connections.

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This accessory is also useful with an atmosphere not compatible with graphite or when the work must be maintained in a very clean or wet reducing environment. A graphite tray is optionally available for attachment to either hearth to support work with the furnace in a horizontal position.

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Different models with a variety of features are available. Stainless steel and nickel-plated copper vessel construction for corrosive gas use including hydrogen fluoride and chlorine. Regulated to 70 psi required with lift elevator, pneumatic retractor and high vacuum systems.