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His regional perspective also could help make Tampa Bay more competitive. Justice Ministry Celebration — Monday, May 21,6: She has a broad perspective and is a regional thinker, which are both needed in a countywide office.

Overman, though, has shown a persistence as a private citizen to improve her community, a sense of initiative that would well serve a board that too often teeters on paralysis.

Urbina Capo, offers few good or practical ideas.

Spotlight on Government: Stacy White, Hillsborough County Commissioner

From August of — July it has prevented children from a permanent arrest record! His focus on affordable housing and small business development is commendable. They'll be the ones doing the road adjustments.

The money won't be going to Bass Pro. We also got commitments from the County Administrator to improve senior services for the growing senior population in our County. Commissioner Mark Sharpe voted in favor and stands behind his vote. Working together in Hillsborough County we have…. Commissioner Les Miller, the only black commissioner on the board, proposed a motion to take down the flag.

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Rasplata bunului samaritean online dating Overman, Democrats District 7 countywide The candidates in this four-person field are all familiar with the issues given their experience in government or as community activists.

Urbina, 47, is a cyber-security consultant and offers no compelling agenda for his first-time candidacy.

HOPE is a multi-issue, grassroots, community organization consisting of 24 multicultural and interfaith member congregations throughout Hillsborough County, Florida.

Your presence can help create the political will of decision makers to implement long-term policy solutions that tackle the lack of decent housing hillsborough county commissioners meeting live hookups for working families and seniors, the lack of eldercare services that allow seniors to live independently, and the unnecessary arrests of our children.

Hagan, 50, is a pro-business conservative who has emerged as a leading voice on the board. Both candidates are something of a gamble. If it is enacted in an upcoming session, the ordinance would be an about-face of a vote that excluded those civil rights protections.

Though associated most recently with the efforts to build the Tampa Bay Rays a new stadium in Tampa, Hagan has spent much of his time looking to improve the quality of county services.

Hillsborough County Commission | WUSF News

She wants a smarter approach to managing growth, investments in transportation and affordable housing, and land use policies that make more efficient use of existing public services.

Commissioner Ken Hagan is calling for a regional discussion about the Rays future. Read more… Improving Access to Elder Care Hillsborough County senior population has seen the greatest percentage growth of all age groups.

Todd Marks, 48, is a lawyer who says he would bring consistently conservative principles to the board. Backers of the project expect tax revenues to make up for the cost in 5 years after the shop opens in Crist, 61, has held elected office in state or local government for a quarter-century.

But a proposed bill, filed by Rep. Jamie Grant R and Sen. Patel at least has a fuller appreciation of what county government does.

Hillsborough Literacy Council – Teaching adults to read and speak English

These services include door-to-door transportation to grocery stores and doctor visits and aides to help with basic home chores and personal care. Jeff Brandes Rwould have given voters the chance to choose whether the Hillsborough County Commission should oversee those regulations, instead.

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Overman, 60, a certified financial planner, has lived in the county for 34 years and served on a variety of neighborhood and government planning boards. HOPE is organizing to reduce the arrests of children by getting decision makers to expand the use of the Civil Citation Program in our county and the state of Florida.

Patel respects the value of citizen involvement and the open nature of government. Smith, 64, is a small business owner and longtime community activist who is making her first run for elected office.

Housing Finance Authority of Hillsborough County Florida – Opening Doors to Affordable Housing

Republicans have in Crist the strongest chance of retaining this seat. Kimberly Overman stands apart for her thoughtful, creative agenda.

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Tokley as Tampa's Poet Laureate. He has an awkward style, but Crist is competent, and his institutional history is helpful in guiding this fast-growing region.

August 2, 2018

The dealers simply change the chemistry faster than the Legislature can pass laws against it. Commissioner Stacy White provided a counter argument and wanted to leave the issue up to a referendum for voters to decide. July 23, Updated: Ray Chiaramonte, 68, a longtime Hillsborough planning official, would bring expertise to the transportation discussion.

HOPE is organizing to expand these senior services to meet the growing needs. And due to our persistence and power the same parties made it part of a permanent policy starting August 1, Victor Crist, Republicans District 5 countywide This choice is easy. Hagan is the better choice for Republicans.

July 30, at He is vague on the issues beyond vowing to make transportation a higher priority within the existing budget. Smith is well-known for doing her homework, and her long history in bringing citizens into the political process shows her regard for open government.

Florida Avenue Tampa Come to share a potluck meal, enjoy music, get updates on issues, celebrate and build community.

Hillsborough Organization for Progress & Equality

However, home-based and community-based services, which allow seniors to live with dignity and independence, have decreased significantly. His wide contacts would likely help him mature should he win office.

Mariella Smith, Democrats District 5 countywide Mariella Smith is among the best local candidates to come along in years.

Current commissioner and former state legislator Victor Crist has the policy expertise and knowledge of government to emerge as the strongest Republican candidate in November.

A group of city and county leaders - including three mayors, the chief of Hillsborough Area Regional Transit HARTand a number of county commissioners - are meeting monthly to discuss the where's, what's, and how to pay for transportation improvements that will stimulate job growth in the area.

Ken Hagan, Republicans District 2 north county Chris Paradies says he was motivated to seek elected office for the first time to end the "corrosive influence" of big money donors and career politicians - a direct jab at incumbent Hillsborough Commissioner Ken Hagan, who was first elected in He is a strong supporter of parks and youth programs, and he has grown into a proponent for cooperative efforts at the regional level.

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