Hiruzen vs. Minato Hiruzen vs. Minato

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Yea and not to mention that poison forest jutsu which is pretty devastating in its own right Damborgson I have a soft spot for Sarutobi.

Itachi Uchiha vs Hiruzen Sarutobi

He i not bad as Minato but he is not good as Hashirama either. I mean, he is a master of all 5 chakra elements, and has the most vast knowledge of ninjutsu of anyone else in the series.

He also has immense reserves and is no longer restricted to what he can do. Even Orochimaru said, if he was just around 60, Orochimaru would of died. I am not at all saying that Sarutobi is weak but I would say this is the order of the strongest shinobi.

When Naruto gave chakra to all the shinobi in the allied shinobi force Hashirama said that that was almost the amount of chakra that he possessed. Even in his old age he was capable of fighting off both Hashirama and Tobirama, even if they weren't at maximum capacity it's extremely impressive.

Hashi also has the power to heal injuries without doing any seals. In the Databook and Manga, it's said he can use anything, I just can't see anyone stopping this beast. Hashirama has all but been confirmed as the strongest Hokage and considering he's a casual mountain buster, he'd probably just flatten Hiruzen with a gesture.

That's a good fight. His Adamatine Nyoi is harder than diamond, and has the power to drive back the complete Kurama and smash through the Shinju's branches.

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He is just good as War-Arc Naruto in SM and probably even better and you still try to convience me for showing you a sensing feat for a sensing feat?

I've defended Minato in just about every debate he was involved in that i posted in.

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He could also do advanced ninjutsu with one hand seals. NewGuy01 I agree Hashirama is the stronger of the two, but considering that even in his old age he successfully took on both Hashirama and Tobirama, I don't see how he's going to get his ass kicked here.

He was apparently stronger than Jiraiya even in his old age, and was recently supercopa da espanha online dating to stand up to Jyuubito in his old age for a bit.

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I don't know man. This is his prime! Who is a senju, sage and ashura incarnation. I'm not saying Hiruzen was a joke, though if you compare his performances to that of Hashirama's, he is outclassed. I agree Hashirama solidly wins, but Hiruzen really was no joke, only the best of the best could defeat him.

Juubito vs hiruzen

Would it be enough to last for an entire day against Hashirama? Don't get me wrong. I don't think it's ridiculous to assume he could compete with Hashirama's Wood Human, and realistically that is his best non-Senjutsu technique, I doubt he'd just pull it out from the start.

The possibilities are literally endless for his prime. He makes wooden constructs capable of playing catch with Bijuu damas, and palming aside mountain cutting swords, which is extremely ridiculous in Naruto.

We saw him creating multiple shadow clones and performing high level Ninjutsu of each Nature Transformation from each of them, and we saw that even against the top tiers the Adamatine Nyoi is still extremely effective.

Even the Flying Raijin is at his disposal since it is apart of Konohagakure's jutsu!

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Witch has a huge part of how you fight. I think out of 10 fights Hashi would have won 10 out of Hiruzen was massively powerful himself, and had mastered almost all Ninjutsu, and his Adamatine Nyoi is one of the best weapons you can have.

In theory, he can literally go full on giant Akimichi mode and use his giant Shadow to instantly trap all his enemies with Shadow Possession!

Just think of Old Sarutobi with greater chakra reserves and stamina, or just look to Edo Sarutobi for reference.

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And I think that without using his Sage mode he would totally kick Sarutobi's ass. And this discussion is ending here for me. He was reanimated at the level of his death. The other techniques used to extend the duration of SM is irrelevant to its perfection, otherwise Jiraiya's SM would be more perfect than Naruto's, which isn't the case.

We don't know exactly how much stronger Hiruzen was when he was in his physical prime. This means in terms of both physical stature and chakra levels, he's much greater. That means Jukai Koutans that are nearly impossible to evade, and take a great deal of power to stop; Wood Dragons that can restrain Bijuu; Multiple Mokuton clones that can act as decoys, etc.

Hiruzen is stated to have mastered every type of Shinobi Combat and know every jutsu in Konohagkure 4th Databook and Naruto Chapter He didn't fight off Guruguru all by himself, but he was the only one who could mount a proper defense.

As Madara said the medical ninja and tsunade is a disgrace to be related to Hashi and be that bad. And they only had to obey what Orochimaru told them to do. They were capable of sealing Edo Madara's movements.

When Hashi molded chakra he could brake rocks while Sarutobi cracked roof plates and changed the atmosphere.

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Would he have the same knowledge of jutsus? So what about Hiruzen Sarutobi vs Tobirama Senju? Either there is something I'm missing, or people simply hyped him up or weren't aware of his or the other Hokages' true strength.

And Hashi can also do basic of all the five elements, but Sarutobi is not able to do the wood release as Hashi is. Nephthys Hashirama kicks his ass. There's also Tsunade being unable to fathom just how powerful her grandfather was for being able to defeat Madara, and being Hiruzen's pupil, she'd know the extent of Hiruzen's power.

That moment where he fought the smaller Thousand Fist Statue summoned by Guruguru by using high level techniques from each chakra nature via Shadow Clones was badass in itself. I also want to state that Hiruzen during the 4th war arc was not his prime.

Re: Hiruzen vs. Minato

Plus he can use Izanagi. Cuz you're acting selective. Hashi took madara on by himself and Madara used Kurama with the armour of his Susano and Hashi beat him. Even when I prefer the concept behind Hiruzen's char and the mythological peak Sarutobi.

It was stated he was greatly weakened compared to his prime in all categories Strength, Speed, Chakra, etc and still beat them and wasn't even able to form two Shadow Clones without it being a risk to his health!