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Match passion and sentiment first, then the bells. You gain even more Munie the more moves you have. If you're low on Munie, go on dates, as they give Munie based on moves, sentiment, and affection. Tokens Edit In order to gain affection, the player must match three or more tokens. Bedroom Bonus Edit The bedroom bonus mini-game is a result of four successful dates with a girl 4th should be a night date.

Unlike other puzzle games where players can only move tokens one space over, the player can drag tokens anywhere across the token's row or column, allowing more opportunities for combos. During the date, the player also has the option of giving the girl a "gift", for example the default Stuffed Bear, which will eliminate all Broken Heart tokens on the grid and replace them with Passion tokens.


Players must keep this in mind the girl's preferred traits as they date them to ensure a successful date. In the bedroom bonus mini-game, there are no move limits, broken hearts or date gift usage. The player will then wake up the next morning with her in their bedroom, and will have successfully "conquered" that girl.

When The Player is finished with the mini-game, they will receive one final picture of the girl in a sexy pose, "revealing" more than in her other photos.

Girls also have other preferred traits over other traits, which will grant higher amount of affection than others, but players must find out and memorize what these traits are as they date the girl. Edit The date grid is where the player matches tokens in order to get affection, passion, sentiment, or more moves.

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It's better if you match them along with other tokens. The affection level is lower than the average date affection level, but the score decays over time, so players must play the bonus stage as fast as possible in order to win. The more tokens are matched at once, the more points the player will receive.

There are also Bell tokens called Joy Yellowwhich grants a bonus move, Passion Pink heartwhich increases the value of token combos, Sentiment Light Blue tear dropwhich increases your sentiment points, and cracked Broken Hearts Purplewhich lowers the player's score.


Tips Edit If you forget which tokens a girl likes and dislikes, right click to bring up the Huniebee and it will outline her preferred and least preferred traits. Certain gifts can also increase the value of certain token combos depending on what kind of trait the gift represents and how much the player upgraded the gift in the "upgrade" section.

Her profile will outline her most favorite trait, which will grant the most amount of affection during dates, and her least favorite trait, which will grant the least amount of affection during dates.