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Were these two people the extremes? Is that what his real personality is really like? The idea was to focus on what was important and what says something about the development of democracy and of the direct vote.

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Negativ At the beginning, you said you wanted to show something about the state of the Czech democracy — so what do you think it is? But there was not intentional in that. He is also in good shape; he had a long time to rest, to prepare well for the campaign and all the debates.

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When I see the film with fresh eyes in some two or three months, I might be able to say what it says about the Czech democracy and Czech society. When he is aware that the cameras are there and something will come of the scene or the event, he puts on this dominating aspect of his personality also for the cameras.

The interesting thing was that sometimes, we saw the bizarreness of the scene right away on the spot and other times, we only discovered that in the editing room.

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Is he really such as strong person to be able to drink from the morning and yet win? Was a bizarre experience for you as a filmmaker to follow the political process from so close?

That opened the door for us because the candidates were sure that we cannot influence the voting, and that made things much easier for us.


So I would say he was a dominating personality on various occasions. So things as they appear in the film really happened and we had no intention to make it worse of better. The media and TV crews usually captured what was happening in front of the cameras.

But I think we had enough material to illustrate quite well what was happening behind the scenes. That was what I saw. What does the film show that people could not see? I was lucky in a sense that I could see them in situations when the cameras were off, when they behaved naturally and said things they really meant.

The behind-the-scenes film, which has just premiered in Czech cinemas, follows the candidates from the summer ofwhen the campaign was just beginning, right up to the heated run-off vote in January.

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He is quite experiences and he has been doing these things for a long time so his body is probably resistant to alcohol. I also think that the state of his mind, this kind of relaxed atmosphere really helped him because he was much more convincing when he was addressing the people or speaking in front of cameras.

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In the film, he is more often that not seen either looking for an ashtray of a place to smoke, having a drink and being close with his teenage daughter. There some meetings and discussions that were closed and classified and we could not access them.

It seems to me that every candidate was surrounded by a group of people that represented some sort of a sub-culture.

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So I think I had a chance to get a much more accurate picture of the candidates and it did influence my vote, definitely.