How CodeIgniter's Hook System Works How CodeIgniter's Hook System Works

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How CodeIgniter's Hook System Works

It runs under your user identity, with your privilege level, on your machine. Each item in the usermap section contains an email address on the left, and a Bugzilla user name on the right.

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This would allow the hook to hookup date definitions changes that didn't contain bug IDs. It would be extremely reckless for any distributed revision control system to implement revision-controlled hooks, as this would offer an easily exploitable way to subvert the accounts hookup date definitions users of the revision control system.

You've told us this page has unclear or confusing information. You can use this hook for the same purposes as the changegroup hook sec: You should document the hooks you expect people to use.

So that's the hook system at your disposal should you wish to get into the typical workflow of the CodeIgniter application. Since Mercurial does not propagate hooks, if you are collaborating with other people on a common project, you should not assume that they are using the same Mercurial hooks as you are, or that theirs are correctly configured.

Declaring Hooks

This makes reading this. On the left is the name of the event to trigger on; on the right is the action to take. The ID of the changeset to be tagged.

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Changesets are being transferred via a push from one repository into another. The rest is pretty simple. Read our blog post on avoiding derived state to learn about what to do if you think you need some state to depend on the props.

Order of Operations

When you do so, Mercurial will print a message before it calls each hook. Deriving state leads to verbose code and makes your components difficult to think about.

The following example FeatureContext implements this interface: If the hook succeeds, the update or merge may proceed; if it fails, the update or merge does not start. In very rare cases, you might want to use the getDerivedStateFromProps lifecycle as a last resort.

Applies to

It is very inefficient and will harm performance. Typically, this method can be replaced by componentDidUpdate. If you are comfortable with Python, or require high performance, writing your hooks in Python may be a good choice. The simple pretxncommit hook of the example below will prevent you from committing a changeset with a message that is less than ten bytes long.

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Writing a hook as an external program has the advantage that it requires no knowledge of Mercurial's internals. When someone pushes a changeset to the server that everyone pulls from, the server will test the changeset before it accepts it as permanent, and reject it if it fails to pass the test suite.

The location of the remote repository, if known. The error message will look like this: It is called before rendertherefore calling setState synchronously in this method will not trigger an extra rendering.

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If you use the precommit hook, the hook will not know which files you are committing, so it will have to check every modified file in the repository for trailing white space. Some possible uses for this hook include kicking off an automated build or test of the added changesets, updating a bug database, or notifying subscribers that a repository contains new changes.

Please tell us more about what's wrong: In other words, the metadata representing the changeset has been written out to disk, but the transaction has not yet been allowed to complete. Control incoming changesets that are arriving from a remote repository over http or ssh.

An executable hook is always run with its current directory set to a repository's root directory.


The source of the of the operation see sec: Set up a restricted-access account; users can push changes over the network to repositories managed by this account, but they cannot log into the account and run normal shell commands. You've told us there is a spelling or grammar error on this page.

This means that you can use normal shell constructs in the body of the hook. It is useful for letting subscribers review changes immediately, rather than clicking to follow a URL.