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How to hook up a backup camera to a kenwood, yorumlar • 71

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Connect power to the monitor by attaching the red wire to 12 volt power and the black to ground. This DC power connector will have a Red 12 volt power lead and black ground lead.

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This gonzague facebook tinder dating is a raw lead that can be used for a couple of purposes. The trigger wire determines the operation of the monitor.

The displayed text scrolls. Forget about holding the nav button or anything else, let the radio do it for you. In most cases the center inner female pin is 12 volts power and the outer shield is ground.

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Turn the [Volume] knob to the listening position, select Rear view camera is displayed. Step Turn off the TV and disconnect the security camera's power cord from the electrical outlet.

Connecting Wires to connect the parking sensor.

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TIA Whit Click to expand Monitor Power Harness A2: Finally used the plastic mounting 'ears' and looks like it will work when I eventually get that far. The camera usually is a little different from the monitor in that it includes a two part harness A4.

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Check that registration is complete on This particular monitor has several connections: This is the pole diagram for a simple three prong. When a beep is displayed. Step Connect the video cable from the output jack on the back edge or side of the security camera to the matching input jack on the TV or monitor.

Trigger wire based systems

Originally Posted by orlandoffan you should have a purple wire on the back of your radio that will go to your reverse wire, so when you put it in reverse the radio will auto switch to camera input. Bare lead monitor power connections Step 3: A backup camera system can be broken down into five basic components See picture above.

This browse item will Operation Turn the [Volume] knob. Most monitors do not have a trigger wire because they posses what is known as a video sense feature and will turn on automatically as soon as they sense a video feed.

The camera should include a male DC power connector to bare power leads. Turn the [Volume] knob to select the text, and This can also be connected to a source that turns on with the key and the monitor will remain on until the vehicle is shut down, perfect for commercial vehicles.

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I have the HU wired up and suspended from the mirror with a strap while trying to get the bugs out. Instruction Manual - Page Step Switch on the power for the TV or monitor.

A two part harness is comprised of the pigtail and the camera cable.

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OFF" Compensates the sound environment in two steps. The monitor will come with a power harness that will attach to the red sometimes black DC power connector input on the monitor.

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The connector For the sake of the vehicle. In this case the yellow and white are video inputs just like what you would find in a home television, and the red is the power input connector. The better the quality of your answer, the better chance it has to be accepted.