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How to hook up home speakers to amplifier, a note about amplifiers:

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There will be a switch on the mixer that allows you to select the use of the monitor and the speakers or just the speakers. Some adapters are available that will add an auxiliary input to your car's stock radio through an unused CD changer port.

Hooking up speakers to an amp is simple. You can use speakers with unlike impedances and as before, you simply add to get the total load.

YAMAHA Receiver How to hook up home theater speakers wire

Then repeat with the other speaker wire. The most common examples in elvis presley all shook up 7869 amp cabinets involve four speakers. If all of the speakers have a common impedance, you can simply divide the common impedance by the total number of speakers to get the net impedance.

All you have to do match the colors. Step Put your favorite chair in front of your new-found power blasters, crank them up to 11 and blow yourself away.

You can purchase a plug at Circuit city or Best Buy that will plug into the original plug and it will come with a wiring diagram to hook up your After market stereo. Speakers are wired in parallel by hooking the positive terminals to positive terminals and negative terminals to negative terminals.

Share on Facebook You've just purchased watt speakers capable of a gust-busting 91 decibels, backed by a watt four-channel amplifier. Speaker A and B are each rated at 25 watts. So instead of using those connections, we'll use the subwoofer's speaker-level, aka "high-level," inputs.

Insert the negative polarity wire into the black spring connector.

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If you have three speakers, each at 8ohms, divide 8 by three to get a total impedance of 2. Don't run a separate amplifier in addition to your amplified speakers as this might damage your speakers.

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Step Push back on the spring connector to open the little hole and insert the exposed wire into the hole, all the way up to where the insulation begins, and release the spring connector. If you string three 8 ohm speakers in series the net impedance will be 3X8 24 ohms.

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If you have all your music on a portable MP3 player, such as an Apple iPod, there's an easy way to listen to it through the big speakers on your home-stereo system.

You'll need to purchase a compatible wireless FM transmitter--there are several available--and connect it your iPod. Connect using speaker wire.

If you need further assistance, please post back with a comment to this thread. Un-like Impedances Formula 1: If speaker A equals 8ohms and speaker B equals 8ohms, the total load is A plus B, or 16ohms.

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Well it helps if you have a repair manual for your car so that you can reference the wiring schematic for the stereo connections it will eliminate a lot of guess work. If my amp does not have a speaker level output and my stereo does not have RCA outputs how do i hook it up?

Adjust your stereo settings.

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If a mismatch can not be avoided on a tube amp, it is better to go towards a lower impedance rather than too high of a speaker impedance. The roles are reversed in a parallel circuit. Go into any radio supply store, tell them the year of your vehicle and they should be able to give you what you need.

The only problem here is that you're a bit lacking in the wiring department and want to make sure you've correctly put together these monster noise machinesall for the sake of blowing your neighbors out of their lounge chairs.

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His work experience has spanned the computer world, from sales and support to training and repair. This can either be direct from the solar panel or the panels can connect to a bank of batteries which can store the energy and the inverter can be connected to the batteries and then to the ac cuurent in the home.

Yamaha receiver how to hook up home theater speakers wire

Within those conductors is a copper, silver or gold bundle of wires. Basically you need to change the dc created from the panel to ac. How can I hook up four 16 ohm speakers to equal 8 ohms?

How do you hook up a solar panel into the home? Speakers C and D are also connected together in parallel and also make a network equal to 4 ohms. As you can see, this could be a real problem for speaker A.

Position the speakers where you want them to be and lay out the speaker cable so that the excess cable is coiled at the bottom of the speaker stands.

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However, if you must use a load other than the recommended load, here is a short guide. I would not recommend that you hook up anything that is unbalanced. Note, this is backwards from the series connection.

This story was originally published on April 15,and has since been updated with additional information. How to hook up a stereo in a car?

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