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Hope to see you again soon. The one who feels the difficulties I have with women, too many fantasies and so little possibility to realize them.

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I am interested in further exploring some of the wonderful techniques that you have for our mutual pleasure. Lena was very kind, and willing to satisfy all my requests I want to give you all that is in my possibilities.

I'll be glad to meet you again with less stress! Someone probably closer than I expect, someone who may be either enhancing my addiction or expressing the feelings she has for me.

I will be in Paris again next month and hope you will still be there. I wish you good night and stop talking because otherwise I will not sleep!

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It was a pleasure meeting you and your soft hands touching my body made me really relaxed. Your massages are so relaxing, and touching you is very good. I completely enjoyed your magic touch on me the whole time you stayed. Looking forward to more talk, touch and learning.

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For me it was super! You started massaging my nathni online dating, then my legs.

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Every time we make love I'm in good shape the next morning! Massages, love techniques, lasting longer. I will be in Paris again next week. I hope we can find some way to meet up in the future. I will be sorry to leave Paris, especially not to be able to see you any more.

Rendez Vous

Your breasts are so sweet, smooth, firm. You are a beautiful, elegant and thoughtful woman and I very much enjoy our time together. She restored confidence in me, and helped me realize 'life moves on. Cheers …" - regular client from Paris "Bonjour Lena, naughty boy has arrived in Paris and is eager to meet again.

I really appreciate your openness and your graciousness with me.


The oral pleasure you gave was the best I've ever had, nice consistent pressure, no feeling of teeth. If its OK with you, I would like to meet again next year. I as keenly look forward to that as to the classic dress you have always brought to wear during the previous 'consultations'.

You're assuring me with our meetings, believe it or not. It's been three and a half years and now my company wants me back in the UK.

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You've pointed out useful sexual health books to me. If you are available, and you are ok in meeting me again, it would be nice to spend some more time together.

I have just got back from x, all I needed over there was a visit from you! I now know how much I've been missing sexually.

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Guess it's another sleepless night again Do we really have to fight again I say something stupid, take it back and make you cry again But did you really have to lie again I know you hate me, don't call me crazy Tell all your friends how you wish you didn't date me And we can both deny again Cause I don't wanna make you cry again [Chorus: I really enjoyed your company.

Just dream being under your feet or between your legs! True GFE, I totally forgot it was a date! I'm very interested to feel your sensuality and to explore it. I find myself in Paris again, and I was wondering if you might be available Tuesday night.

We met in Paris in November. Definite must visit when in Paris!

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Is it possible to add an hour? Really, I am learning a lot from you.

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I hope you enjoyed our time together also. Looking forward to seeing you again on Saturday. It makes such a change to meet someone I can have an intelligent conversation with and not have to tell them what every word means!!