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In the Eighth Edition, the authors reformat the text to 14 chapters, provide a clear outline of key questions for each chapter, integrate their own field experiences, and rewrite the text to guide students through answers to geographic questions.

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Link Powerpoint How does geography reflect power relationships? Connect with one of our Human-Geography tutors now. Link Powerpoint How are local cultures sustained?

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The author team created a new pedagogy and writing style for the Eighth Edition that make the book more accessible to students and faculty.

Link Powerpoint Why are languages distributed in the way they are? Link PowerPoint How are boundaries established and why do boundary disputes occur? Link PowerPoint How do states spatially organize their governments?

Topic outline

Link Powerpoint How is religion seen in the cultural landscape? Link PowerPoint What are supranational organizations and what are their implications for the state?

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Link Powerpoint Unit II: Link Powerpoint How do places affect identity? Link Powerpoint How do languages diffuse?


Culture, Society and Space challenges students to think geographically across scale and across a wide range of geographical phenomena and global issues. Link PowerPoint How does the study of geopolitics help us understand the world?

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Link Powerpoint How can local and popular culture be seen on the landscape? Link Powerpoint What role does religion play in political conflicts?

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Link Powerpoint Where did the world's religions develop and how do religions diffuse? The Eighth Edition includes three new chapters: The author team draws from studies in geography and across disciplines to bring a broad and up-to-date perspective on the kinds of research geographers have done and are currently doing on a wide range of human geography topics.

Link Powerpoint How is popular culture diffused?

Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture , Ninth Edition

Every textbook comes with a day "Any Reason" guarantee. The authors engage the students throughout the text by posing geographical questions that encourage students to think critically about their own locality, region, nation, and world.

Link Powerpoint What role do languages play in making places?

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How is space politically organized into states and nations?