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Tae Sung then gets angry because Hyung Suk does not answer. People were hyoyeon hyung seok dating simulator them away when they realized they weren't checks. Hyung Suk helping people right: Ji Ho and Hyung Suk then confront the bullies at the playground, only for the bullies to beat them up.

He has power of possessing 2 different bodies throughout his life. It's usually in this body that Hyung Suk e.l.f cosmetics lipstick flirtatious meaning exposed to the harsh treatment of society and, hyoyeon hyung seok dating simulator times, the true colors of those who judge based solely on appearances.

Jae Yeol's Wallet When Ji Ho was with Jae Yeol and Hyung Suk, he decided that the reason why girls didn't like him as much was because the other two were rich and he wasn't. Original Body While not on par with his second body, his weight does add an incredible amount momentum to his attacks unleashing them with such surprising force that he even forced Lee Eun Tae who possesses unbelievable strength to resort to knocking him out when he felt he could no longer withstand his punches.

Persona 3 dating multiple girls wearing, Ji Ho was disappointed to see Jae Yeol pay with his cell phone instead. They then see Jae Hye, Jae Yeol's younger sister.

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Hyung Suk realizes that, although he'd been able to clearly see every punch and kick directed his way, he was unable to do anything because his reflexes were too slow. Despite being able to see the attacks even once commented on how slow they werehe was still not able to physically dodge them due to this body's lack of agility and reflexes.

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Regardless of which body he is in, Hyung Suk can memorize any technique down to its textbook mechanics after seeing it once and execute it with the same amount of competency as a skilled expert. After he does it, he sees everyone laughing at him and he knows it's because they feel relieved that they are not in his position.

When Jae Yeol puts Hyung Suk's picture in his wallet, he smiles Fighting Prowess Park Hyung Suk is actually a natural born fighter despite his lack of confidence and any formal training prior.

Park Hyung Suk is very sympathetic and protective of those mistreated, either because of their lack of strength e.

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September 22, Horoscope: In this body, Hyung is deemed unattractive by most, if not all the people he meets, with the only exceptions being Soo Jungwho has a crush on him, and Ha Neulwho has fallen for him despite his appearance.

It seems Hyung Suk has become used to his abilities and immense fighting prowess in this body, able to dodge attacks merely on reflex with extreme ease, even while in deep thought. Hyung Suk's incredible good looks easily cause many to question whether he is a famous model, idol, or star which he actually is going so far as to ask for his autographs and pictures with him, much to his shock.

Inshe began attending Winners Dance School, a famous dance school in South Korea, which taught popping, locking and other Hip-hop dance styles. For example, he once accidentally agreed to become a host in a club and escaped the club while drunk. The investigation was that for a simple happening, nothing more, and at the end of the investigation, it was concluded as such.

She tells him she's come over to play and asks where he's been. Even though we were just goofing around, I had the thought that she could really get hurt or that something could go wrong. In some fights, he has found some attacks to be annoying. When he hears the laughs of the people who watch him, he wonders why he does not have the courage to disobey Tae Sung.

When they ask if Jae Hye lives with Jae Yeol, she answers that her brother lives alone, but she's come over to play. We still ask how the other is doing and support each other. I really felt the power of the media.

The bullies do so immediately and try to suck up to him.

This led to him being a victim of bullying in his school mostly by Lee Tae Sung. Ji Ho realizes that all his work was for nothing and faints. Hyung Suk, unable to bear with his school troubles any longer, tearfully accepts his mother's offer. Pyun Duk Hwaas he can relate to how both feel and is prone to stand up for them.

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In addition to his poor living conditions, Hyung Suk is looked down upon by many because of his unattractive appearance. She has appeared on many shows and was a guest on the show, Jessica, and Krystal.

Second Body In his new body, Hyung Suk no longer wears glasses. He's sweaty from running, panting and holding a plastic bag. Park Ji Ho or because of how unattractive they are e. When Hyung Suk arrives at Hyeji's class, she asks him why he was there. Hyung Suk immediately begins to tell her that they have Jae Yeol's wallet, but Ji Ho stops him, not wanting to look bad in front of a pretty girl.

Hyoyeon instarred in a reality television show called Hyoyeon's One Million Likes, she also released her own book, Hyo Style. Hyung Suk is shown to be extremely obese, especially considering his height, which is why many characters refer to him as 'Pig'. It turns out that the checks were just pamphlets promoting the online clothes shop that Hyung Suk poses for, and Hyung Suk's picture is printed on the back.

The couple eventually broke up, but it was not because of the recent incident.


Even before he developed his technique and skill, he was able to defeat most opponents, solely relying on reflexes and instinct and is one of the few characters to naturally be on the level of skilled fighters with no prior formal training, the other being Yohan. Jae Hye greets Jae Yeol as he gets home.

Upon moving to a different location, Hyung Suk's dreams of starting anew are quickly shattered after suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of Jin Sungcaptured on video.

Jae Hye then tells them Jae Yeol's just left, but she'll text him telling him they're there. Hyung Suk uses this body to attend school and is usually seen in his school uniform, unless elsewhere.

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Hyoyeon revealed she had no intentions to audition, however, her mother was a fan of S. This filled him with deep and immense feelings of self-loathing and regret for his actions towards his mother to the point of vowing to be a better person.

hyoyeon hyung seok dating simulator

Hyung Suk then thinks that the only reason why Tae Sung could do that to him was because Hyung Suk was his pet. Entertainment's boy band H. Moreover, he thought that Kim Yui genuinely liked him for who he is while in his second body, but was shocked when she treated him cruelly while he was in his original body.

Then, after the explanation, he suddenly did the "Thunderbolt" while holding the bouquet of flowers. When Ji Ho's backpack is stolen, he immediately runs to the convenience store where Hyung Suk's original body worked and tells Hyung Suk everything.

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Hyoyeon also joined the second season of the Korean Dancing with the Stars, inher dance partner was Kim Hyung Seok, and they came second place in the competition. Hyoyeon is really sweet, and she always brings up the atmosphere.

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He's tall, possessing the very epitome of a healthy, muscular, and athletic build, and is incredibly handsome - this being his most notable trait, as his presence in a crowd infatuates and intimidates women and men alike. In this body, he severely lacks the desired reflexes he gains in his second body.

Hyoyeon auditioned to SM Entertainment at the age of 11 through the SM Casting System and passed her audition which was dancing, thus she became a trainee under SM and trained for her career for six years and one month before debut.