Ian Somerhalder on 'girlfriend' Nikki Reed: 'I couldn't be happier' Ian Somerhalder on 'girlfriend' Nikki Reed: 'I couldn't be happier'

Ian somerhalder and nikki reed dating for how long, ian somerhalder & nikki reed are ‘officially dating’: hot vampire romance?

Nikki Reed went with a Claire Pettibone dress for her special day.

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THATS the corporate side that makes me sad. On May 17 she hinted that their son had arrived, tweeting "'Somebody's herrrrrrre" and followed up days later with a photo of new baby is, Miles Theodore Stephens Legend's legal name is John Stephens.

It's aim is to educate people and help plants, animals, and the environment. Hide Caption 8 of 30 Photos: The foundation of friendship had been laid before the couple began dating.

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder expecting their first baby

When they realized someone was watching them, they did the first thing that popped in their mind: Hide Caption 18 of 30 Photos: Live music makes me so happy, and you guys made our night.

Once Reed picked out an Elizabeth gown, Pettibone helped her customize it so it was just what she wanted. Hide Caption 20 of 30 Photos: From honeymooners toasting misty Costa Rican volcanoes with Chilean Cabernet in the pool starting promptly at 12 noon of course to quiet mountain-side anniversary moments talking photography, philosophy and parenting Mike It is okay all I see when I look at her is manface.

Hide Caption 27 of 30 Photos: Inhe appeared in Congress to convince them to ban elephant poaching and was very vocal about his feelings on the BP oil spill.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are expecting

She surprised fans when she quietly married Daly in June during a private, island wedding. The couple married in Sure, sure, it's a bit of a stretch, but true nonetheless. For their anniversary in April, Ian wrote a message to Nikki on Instagram along with a series of photos, including one from their wedding day.

Nicola Those two seem especially desperate to reclaim their youth.

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And Ian can pass for a couple of years younger like 32 or so Mike So true. This is also when they moved in together three weeks into dating!

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Thank you all for giving us so much love, it's so beautiful and so appreciated. He starred on The Vampire Diaries, he has blue eyes and dark brown hair, but other things are a little less obvious.

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I hope Ian Nikki stop this pap reality show and keep their personal life in private,but i doubt it. Everything Changes While most of the comments were nothing but loving and kind, it brings forward the question of how far along is Nikki Reed and when can we expect to see baby photos from the beautiful couple.

The pair really seemed to click, and after three weeks of datingSomerhalder and Reed moved in together on August 23, Celebrate love in your life-it's what makes the world go around.

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I need to be in bed byand you need to start manifesting all your dreams at The only guys I have ever seen that like girls that much younger like having more power in the relationship. Hide Caption 16 of 30 Photos: Hide Caption 28 of 30 Photos: Back in FebruaryReed took to Instagram and posted this picture showing the three stars together with a lengthy yet powerful message about the hate that was being spewed and how it affects young girls.

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Growing celebrity families Bristol Palin is now the mother of three. Hide Caption 29 of 30 Photos: It was also unique since Ian decided to wear a white suit.

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Click to read more and watch the video or. Hide Caption 5 of 30 Photos: LiiL oh please and you are just another pathetic jealous nian maniac childish teengirl who cant stop saying that this is a pr stunt.

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And the duo does both. Hide Caption 24 of 30 Photos: The then year-old told The Belfast Telegraph in September that his fourth wife, Alexis Joel,was pregnant with their second child. The couple married in April Yoga is one of the best things anyone can do to stay fit and healthy, because not only does it help your body, but it also helps your mind.