Ice Road Truckers: S8 E9 - Flirtin' with Disaster Ice Road Truckers: S8 E9 - Flirtin' with Disaster

Ice road truckers flirtin with disaster, episode discussion

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He briefly loses traction on the slick ice when his wheels lock up, but he is able to regain control with some careful maneuvering. The two loaded trucks have a combined weight of over tons; Alex's load is the heaviest of his career. Both he and Eric had planned to pull two loads today, but the road is officially closed before Eric can pick up his second, leaving Hugh at the top of the load count.

The news quickly spreads among the truckers, and local wildlife experts equipped with snowmobiles and rifles are dispatched to ward off the threat.

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Meanwhile, Rick suddenly stops on the ice road while taking some truck parts to Tuktoyaktuk. In Tuktoyaktuk, Rick starts out for Mallik to collect a load of dirty snow. To keep them supplied, a tenacious group of long-haul truckers drive their rigs over hundreds of miles on ice roads cut across the surface of frozen lakes.

Alex, Hugh, Rick, and Drew find themselves lumped in with the other "highway maggots" - the local drivers' term for rookies on this road - and must adapt to new rules and conditions.

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Eric is assigned the job of hauling a much-needed vacuum truck to Mallik; emergency repairs on its suspension and a frozen bolt threaten to ruin this plan, but he does eventually leave in time. Nearly seven million pounds of equipment must be hauled along the ice road as quickly as possible, in order to keep the company from losing any more money than necessary.

Ice Road Truckers - Season 8

Eric begins his day driving to Aput, ready to work on the rig move, but he is diverted to pick up a broken-down bulldozer stuck on the ice; the bulldozer can move slowly but not powerfully enough to do work. Sometimes the ice cannot support the heavy rig, and driver and cargo plunge through the ice and sink to the bottom.

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He instead returns to the freight yard, intent on confronting Doug, and is surprised to be given time off for a checkup. Meanwhile, Drew's departure is repeatedly delayed - first because he did not bring the proper cold-weather gear, then because there are no working trucks available.

Meanwhile, Art Burke attempts to cross a frozen lake; Alex Debogorski helps a stranded fellow trucker; and a snowy road gives Todd Dewey all he can handle.

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The incident ends up with the supervisor swinging one of the boards at the cameraman filming the scene - narrowly missing him. The hole cannot be repaired, according to Tuktoyaktuk mechanic Shaun Lundrigan, and Rick will have to wait for a new pan to be flown in before he can get back to work.

In Tuktoyaktuk, Rick has begun to believe that load supervisor Doug Saunders and the other truckers are singling him out to treat him disrespectfully, and he calls Hugh for advice before getting word that his borrowed truck has been repaired. Eric picks up a camp shack bound for Inuvik, with the goal of completing two hauls in one day.

Hugh has to be careful on the return trip; the battered road is becoming slippery due to the lengthening days, and the liquid in his tanker threatens to slosh around and cause him to lose control of the truck.

Meanwhile, Hugh finds himself without a load since the senior truckers have taken them all for the moment; he is put onto miscellaneous work in the freight yard.

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Bear takes a boiler onto the ice road, whose surface is now so rough that he makes a risky stop to check that his load is secure before proceeding to Langley.

The rivalry between Hugh and Eric continues as both roll toward Langley. Word later comes that this person made it back to Inuvik safely, while the truck is towed in.

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After two short seasons, the drivers are ready for what is forecast to be a cold and busy winter. He explains to Bear that the structure of his truck leaves the pan vulnerable to accidents such as this.

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Eric hauls a cherry picker to the new site, once he and a supervisor get its frozen engine running again so he can drive it onto his trailer.

Drew makes his first ice road run of the year, bound for Tuktoyaktuk with a load of construction materials for a hockey rink, but his illness flares up and Kelly Brown the senior trucker riding with him has to finish the run. Alex is dispatched from Inuvik to Aput, a route unfamiliar to him, and he takes a wrong turn without realizing it.

Meanwhile, just after Devon takes on two diesel fuel tanks and starts back, he is alerted to a severe water flow on the road directly ahead of him; he stops to re-secure his load, then proceeds slowly through the hazard.

Alex is delayed by the late arrival of Rick, who gets into an accident on his way up the Dempster Highway while bringing a truck to Alex.

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They are both dispatched to Mallik, a site of ongoing research into gas hydrate fields. Meanwhile, Bear is sent to help a snowplow truck that has broken through the ice, but another trucker takes care of the emergency even before he can get moving. Alex Debogorski finds out that small roads and oversized loads are not a good mix.

Bill heads for Langley with a generator whose fuel tank begins to leak onto the ice, forcing him to turn around; Rick doubles back and helps plug the hole so that the environment will not be further damaged. Eric Dufresne, a year veteran of the road, is unable to start work right away because his truck needs transmission fluid and he must wait for the repair shop's supply to thaw out.

Just when you thought extreme trucking couldn't get more dangerous, ice road truckers take on Alaska.

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