Interesting Facts on Ikuta Toma! | Ahhh the life of Leisy Peisy Interesting Facts on Ikuta Toma! | Ahhh the life of Leisy Peisy

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I have started to read all about Ikuta Toma-san Watched programs with its participation. But I seldom went out with Johnnys percolation simulation dating. This was soon followed by the group B.

Toma used to nosebleed a lot 2.

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Oguri Shun said that Toma's lips were very soft and it was actually the first time he encountered such lips. I very much want to learn what he actually. The stupid thing was… Toma kept talking about 10 minutes with the person who did the prank call, without knowing who he was.

But there there is one moment in 10 series thanks to which hero Ikuta Toma me has subdued. I want to tell about my dream.

Toma went with his kouhai maybe some JJ express boys and Taiyou.

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Few days after that, Tsubasa revealed on his jweb, that his friend cried on the beach. When Arashi debuted inIkuta was placed in the band B.

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Jealousy is a human emotion that occurs from a dislike of a certain situation such as someone cheating with your girlfriend or selfishness. There was a typhoon, during his one day parade around Shinagawa Police Station also to promote Dekabeya and celebrating one of the Police event there.

That friend was Toma. He loves to read manga, including " One Piece ". Younger juniors in the agency called him Toma-san and that morphed to Tomasu.

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Toma hasn't found any girl yet because he still love the girl At first any special impressions wasn't. As far as I see in the Youtube he speaks a little English but not that good.

He and Oguri Shun had to kiss 12 times for the drama, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. Her name is Kharla How do you not be jealous? THis gonna nothing to do with your question tho.

Does yamapi have a girlfriend?

Nor has hestated what he looks for in a girlfriend. I know, all will turn out. It's all based on environmental, and at times, biological factors.

Toma went to Arashi concert, around August forgot the exact date. He is a big fan of rock music and often listens to Metallica and Guns 'N' Roses. Oguri Shun said that Toma's lips were very soft and it was actually the first time he encountered such lips.

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That is why he is asked "Aren't you cold? I already was too old, when girls fall in love with actors. Many thanks to those who does English subtitles I very much liked a musical "Cat in the red boots" Thanking Ikuta Toma-san at me there is a dream.

Toma has stated in recent interviews that he's currently too busy with work to have a girlfriend.

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MERGE exists and is an alternate of. How can you not be jealous? Trivia Toma is a huge fan of Backstreet Boys. Johnny's Entertainment accepted both of them but only Toma accepted the deal and joined in February of He and his younger brother Ryuusei are also fans of GLAY and always went to their concerts during their spare time.

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Toma ever got a prank call! He was also the senpai he had a first encounter with when Ken was blocking the gym's door. He likes to wear jeans a lot. I just think of an Escuse that I tell myself in my mind and eventually I believe it.

A week before the prank call, Tsubasa went out with Toma to the beach. His ideal dream date is to drive at night to a hill top with his girlfriend, and watch a city view from there. He also various toy figures like Gundam He likes to wear jeans a lot.

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After I was looked "Hanakimi no kimitachi e". He looks up to Miyake Ken of V6. I don't think he has one, currently he's becoming more busy than ever due to Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi e since it was shown on the televisions.