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A circuit that eliminates this issue cougar farmers dating commercial a quadrature output over the frequency range Fig.

Mechanical Drawing

Filler buildings burners, small warehouses, etc. It is therefore advisable to remove a large part of the industrial zones after loading the cities, so as not to overbalance the game.

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This was followed by a few courses in electronics in high school and junior colleges including TTL logic, along with learning on the job. PDF format This file type includes high resolution graphics and schematics industry quadrupler 2 dating applicable.

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For technical reasons beyond the author's control, the original file entry was no longer available hosted on the STEX. Tachometer Measures Very Low Frequencies To solve the problem, the circuit of Figure 1 is used to multiply the input frequency by a factor of four, spanning a range of 1 Hz to over 40 kHz, and it will track a step change anywhere in that range.

The number of jobs is quadrupled with the installation of this mod. Too narrow, and the microprocessor or counter will miss counts. This implies that accurate tracking is a function of the input frequency.

This download is compatible with all versions of SimCity 4.

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This re-upload restores it on the grounds of good faith for the benefit of the community. With quadrature and frequency multiplication by four at Hz input frequency, the addition of the quadrature circuit clearly improves performance compared to the initial circuit.

In order to make this mod effective, you have to load all the cities of your region s after the installation and save them once, otherwise the changes in the job number will not take effect.

All heavy, manufacturing and high-tech industries now offer four times the number of jobs. The addition of a quadrature function to the circuit changes the fixed delay time to a fixed phase difference, corresponding to variable time delay, overcoming the problem.

There is one issue with this simple implementation, though.

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With faster op amps, comparators, and logic components, the design might be able to perform at RF frequencies. Quadrature maintains equal output pulse spacing as the frequency changes, so gating the pulse train will always count by ones.

This means that the largest industrial building in the game now provides over instead of just over jobs. If the output pulse width could be made as short as 2.

In addition, I have doubled the amount of revenue of the modified buildings.

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The output pulse is set wide enough to be reliably captured by the processor or other counter input. The quadrature circuit component values limit the maximum input frequency to 49 kHz or kHz at the output of the multiplier.

After opening a city, the demand for industry will most likely fall sharply and many industrial buildings will be abandoned.

HF Quadrupler (LNHQ)

Figure 4 shows the benefits provided by the quadrature circuit. The constant delay at U2D as seen at U3B output tends to cause counting-by-twos in the lower decades Fig.

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On the other hand, the demand for residential areas will sooner or later increase sharply due to the increased number of jobs.

Download this article in. As everyone knows, factories in fact employ hundreds or thousands of people, but in SimCity 4 there is hardly a single operation that offers more than jobs.

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With the components shown, the output is a 5. If it is too wide, it will limit the upper frequency at which multiplication can be achieved. The result is four equally spaced output pulses at U8D for each cycle at the input.

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Otherwise, with the increased number of jobs, industrial demand can be met more quickly, making it difficult to keep industrial cities afloat. This restricts the maximum theoretical multiplied output frequency to Constant phase means variable delay, overcoming the issue with the circuit.

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This multiplies the input frequency by two.