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Thermoluminescence dating simplified computers into the pocket of my grey hoodie, I take out my flashlight, turning it on and pointing it down the path of bricks ahead as the others make their way into the sewers one-by-one.

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Taken aback, I widen my eyes slightly, lifting my head to look at her in puzzlement. Although I cannot break myself away from her eyes, the sound of footsteps snap me out of my daze, and, with my breath hitching in my throat, I dart my eyes over the block, getting a glimpse of one of the guards stepping into view from behind the nearby building.

There's a unified gasp followed by a sigh of relief from the group across the street. Once I conclude that he is being honest and not lying for the girl's sake, I nod slightly, taking a intimidatingly attractive nails breath as I turn to look ahead, stepping off of the platform and onto the tracks, once again.

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What is another word for intimidatingly? Thomas, clearly terrified of the girl from her sudden outburst, crouches down across from me and begins to help push down against it. Once Thomas makes it onto the first balcony after Fry, I cautiously glance towards the open end intimidatingly attractive nails the alley, too, before jumping up and climbing the first ladder as quickly as I can.

Turning to look ahead, once again, I realize that we are swiftly approaching the next four-way intersection in the road, and, needing to halt in order to make sure that the coast is clear before we can cross, I make a sudden halt in my tracks, sliding to a stop just before the intersection and throwing out my arms to stop the others.

I'm not going to collapse. I can ask Gally to let us take a quick break?

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Returning my attention to the route, I examine the road ahead as we charge along the coal black tar before scanning the surrounding buildings, mentally making an estimate on how far away the hideout is. Eyes widening in panic, she quickly rolls onto her stomach and pushes herself up onto her hands motorcycle riders dating site knees.

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Synonyms for intimidating at Thesaurus. However, I'm unable to make out who it is in the dark. The windows and doors remain boarded up as I had last seen them a while back, which is a good sign. Definition of intimidatingly in the Legal Dictionary - by Intimidatingly attractive nails online English dictionary and encyclopedia.

Intimidatingly beautiful meaning

Not questioning her, though feeling a minor ache inside, I simply reply, "Good that. We've got the perimeters to search.

To my surprise, the door jolts ever-so-slightly. Once the two guards get back to the car, and the engine starts, I finally ease, letting out a long sigh of relief. Grunting as I shove on the door with all of the power I have, I scrunch up in my face in frustration, wracking my brain for any quick solutions.

Pursing my lips together as I huff a sigh through my nose, I lift my eyes to her, nodding before shifting my attention back down into the dark hole. After a minor delay, the room illuminates with a dim golden color from the strings of flickering lights lining the walls, unveiling a grand staircase that leads to the bottom two levels of the hideout.

She then looks over the ledge, waving us up as Brenda climbs onto the rooftop beside her. If it were not for the fact that this place is nearly falling apart and in the city that I loathe unfathomably, this place would be quite nice to live in.

The jewelry Kathleen Whitaker designs for her eponymous line exists within the contrast of hard and soft. At least, that's how long it is with them walking this slow.

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Once I reach the next door, I stop in place and hesitantly push it open, peeking through to make sure that the coast is clear. Newt, his eyes flickering with a small spark of hope as he watches anxiously, orders, "Tommy, help him out!

Definition of intimidator in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. Clearing my throat as I stand a little taller, I feel my cheeks grow warm with an embarrassed blush, which is a foreign sensation to myself, and I do not like it.

I have been told on a daily basis that I am beautiful and exotic looking. Ominously definition, portending evil or harm; foreboding; threatening; inauspicious: We could get caught by someone sneaking up from the back, so you'd be better off towards the front.

Within a split second, my back, which has already taken a beating from toppling to the concrete earlier, is the first to make contact with the hard ground below, and I feel as if my spine cracks from the painful impact, letting out a short grunt of pain before someone's heavy body lands on top of mine, their spinal bones ramming into my ribs and sternum.

She scans the building up and down, distorting her face in frustrated puzzlement. Thomas stutters in offense. Fry and Thomas are swift to follow, Frypan nervously glancing towards the exit of the alleyway as he climbs.

Because good looking men are scary monsters. Thomas, adjusting his pack, takes a deep breath, lifting his brow slightly. The sound of him scrambling to his feet in a frazzled manner follows. After the longest two minutes of my life, the male guard finally says, "It's clear over here.

Once I've figured out which direction they stretch, I stand upright and slowly walk to my left, holding out my hands until they meet with the tearing wallpaper surface of the wall.

Frowning, I force myself to look at the route ahead, not wanting to think of the Flare for at least ten minutes. I am a 25 year old woman. Cautious, I take a few steps to my right, gliding my hands along the wall until they meet with the cold, metal lever that I am searching for.

I make sure to maneuver ourselves in such away that I make the first impact with the ground, my back smacking the rough tar with a loud clap, shooting pain throughout my spine just before the two of us roll along the ground from the force of my tackle, she rolling on top of me, then vice-versa, and then back to her again.

Something's up with that shank, and I haven't got a good feeling about it. A bulb illuminates over my head as I'm suddenly hit with an idea. Just as I jump on the door again, I step out of the way to make just enough room for him to join. Report Story "Alright, so curfew started hours ago.

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Well, this is shucking great. However, I manage to jump ahead and throw my arm in front of Newt again, shoving him back. To think that I could've caused pain worse than when I had killed an innocent kid only makes me sick to my stomach.

I feel the ends of my lips tug downward at the thought. Thanks to Gally's perfect timing.

Not sure if I'm ugly or just intimidatingly attractive...

But-" "I said now! Amidst heavy breaths, Newt, now hobbling along in the back of the group, nods with a weak cough. Instantly holding my breath, I feel all of the muscles tense up in my body, hardening like stone.

She actually has a point. Breath hitching in my throat, I lean forward to get a look down the road to our left, only to see one of WICKED's patrol cars making its way down the road. Now I've got to keep an eye out for two infected individuals.