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You shouldn't wear your heart out on your sleeve.

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Invalidation, or perceived invalidation, can take many forms. Start with an amount of time that feels do-able to you. Over time, little comments like the ones in bold add up and block the lines of communication.

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A typical example of how the voice likes to operate is this. I have found it incredibly hard to accept my diagnosis — not because I found it shocking or disturbing, though I know this is the case for some — but simply because it is so hard to keep believing it to be true in the face of internal accusations and self-doubt.

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When your partner complains about "being invalidated", you might feel confused needing clarity about what you are doing that your partner is reacting to.

What about my feelings?! Such a sad scenario appears to be even more likely when the person being invalidated is highly sensitive, intelligent and has previously suffered self-esteem damage.

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Life is full of pain and pleasure. Sounds like you are feeling desperate to be more connected with youself? Everything is just the way it is supposed to be. Choose one relationship this week in which you will practice an empathic response as your first response to the other's expression of difficulty or celebration.

My Feelings For You - Poem by A new Life has bgan

A person with well-developed emotional intelligence, a healthy set of emotional skills, empathy, and a healthy self-esteem will rarely invalidate another person's feelings, especially not the feelings of a sensitive child.

You can't say anything to her. I was just joking. Have you ever stopped to consider my feelings? Something about Christmas really stresses you out, huh?

Talking about you when you can hear it She is impossible to talk to. You shouldn't say that about your father.

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Of course the causes of BPD are many and varied and the inter-play of contributing factors, both genetic and environmental, can be very complex, and is not well understood. Ready for rest and food, huh?

Defending The Other Person Maybe they were just having a bad day. You just took it wrong. Showing Intolerance This is getting really old.

However, for those who do go on to develop BPD, one can often trace a prior climate of invalidation.

Invalidating Other's Feelings vs. Listening with Empathy

This is getting really pathetic. In my own case, the ongoing sense of invalidation was exacerbated by the circumstances surrounding my diagnosis. As you sit, notice and say "that's okay" to all of the feelings, sensations, and impulses that move through you.

A little while ago, I formed one of those very strong, quite obsessional attachments, that for me has been one of the hallmarks of my BPD. You want to help. Together, they take their toll on us.

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You might do this by reassuring, giving advice, correcting perceptions, reframing an issue, redirecting attention, telling a story, offering analysis, etc. You should be glad that Little by little this still witnessing and accepting of your internal world helps to create a space between you and your reactions.

In time you will understand this.

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I am sure she means well. It was as if, held by that most intense and intimate of bonds between therapist and client, I was able to finally face my inner accuser, stand accused of fraud, hear the charge against me and say, with belief rather than self-doubt — not guilty….

One of the biggest gifts you can give to someone expressing difficulty is your listening. You shouldn't worry so much.